Pediatric dentistry

How many times to brush your teeth child

How many times to brush your teeth child

Usually the first teeth appear in the child in 5-8 months, but begin to care for them should be before the eruption.

Formed on the gums dental plaque containing mucus, food debris and bacteria. These plaques are considered one of the main causes of caries of deciduous teeth, remove them using a special brush for kids in the form of silicone napalechniki.

Prorezalsya to brush your teeth 1-2 times a day, a children’s soft bristle toothbrush, special toothpaste. It is important from an early age to accustom the child to toothbrushing.

How to care for your teeth in a child?

Despite the fact that over time the milk teeth are replaced by permanent, it is important to keep them healthy: caries can adversely affect the permanent tooth germ.

Regular teeth cleaning and visits to the dentist, prompt treatment can help prevent tooth decay and gum disease.

How to brush baby teeth?

How to brush children teethDentists recommend that parents brush the child’s teeth, until he learns to do it efficiently (up to 6-7 years), then to 13 years every day to monitor how effectively he does it, and if necessary to clean them.

For maximum effect, you need to clean the outer, inner and chewing surfaces of the teeth baby. On the exterior and interior surfaces using sweeping movements from the gum to the edge of the tooth (thus the upper teeth are cleaned top-down, bottom – up). Rotational motion used to massage the gums, chewing surface is cleaned by means of horizontal movements.

The duration of the cleaning of milk teeth approximately two minutes. It should not be too much pressure on the brush, so as not to damage gums and tooth enamel.

Should I clean my tongue?

It is necessary to ensure that the child’s language does not accumulate a white film, scrape it with a sterile bandage or a special trowel on the toothbrush. If the RAID fails, you should seek the advice of a doctor: the RAID may be a sign of beginning of thrush. Yellow plaque may be a sign of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, e.g. reflux.
What is the toothpaste for milk teeth?
Even before the first teeth to clean dental plaque from the gums of a child soaked in boiling water with a cloth made of natural fabric or brush-napalechniki.

Until then, until the child learns to rinse your mouth with water, use baby toothpaste without fluoride (0-3 years) – it can swallow without danger to health.

After two years the child usually knows how to gargle and not swallow the paste, so you need to choose a toothpaste in accordance with age. Children’s toothpastes contain less active ingredients such as sodium lauryl sulfate, and dyes, but, respectively, and cleanability at a child’s pasta below.

One pasta with parents is better to start after 14 years.

Child does not want to brush your teeth – what to do in this case?

A child can understand that its teeth after going to the dentist and proper lectures from parents.
Also, the process of brushing should be presented in the form of some games. For example, put an hourglass for 1-3 minutes with the Pact that the teeth should be cleaned as much time as pouring the sand.