Pregnancy test

How to determine pregnancy test without

How to determine pregnancy test

Every woman wants to determine pregnancy in the early stages. And each of it has its reasons: someone is suspected plunges shock, and someone looked forward to the minimal hints of pregnancy. Fortunately, there are many methods to diagnose pregnancy and to confirm their own guesses.

How to determine pregnancyThe most reliable, fast and best of them is the test to determine pregnancy. They are inexpensive, easy to use, available in the pharmacy and astonishingly varied: test strips, interactive, electronic, digital, inkjet. If there is no test that can measure the basal temperature. This method is more reliable than test, so you can start with him. More precisely you define gynecologist.

But what to do when no gynecologist, no test, no stores are not at hand? To do this, look closely to the body, to the ongoing changes. Symptoms of pregnancy in the first week and first month – will give you an opportunity in the house to find the answer to an important question: does inside someone? It should be remembered that this is only indirect signs, so they should not be perceived as the final result.

If you do not feel any symptoms of pregnancy, and test them mentioned methods, and a suspected pregnancy after all you have to do the old grandmother’s way. To do this, lie on your back, relax, and laying his finger to his navel, to feel whether there is a pulse. If there is a surge inside the navel – you are pregnant, if not, then pregnancy. To believe such a diagnosis is only your decision. However, you can verify.