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Otitis in children

Inflammation of the middle ear in children ( otitis ) can develop after exposure to cold, and as a result of overheating due to improper feeding or weakened immunity. Even a common cold leads to otitis, if the middle ear is imbued with microbes, causing a runny nose or sore throat.

Infection occurs through Evstafieva the tube that connects the ear to the nasopharynx. This is facilitated by the structural features of the middle ear in infants.

Symptoms of otitis in children:

Otitis media in young children usually begins abruptly: healthy baby falls asleep and wakes up in the night from severe pain. He cries, his sick, and the temperature can rise up to 40C. Baby disturbs sick eyelet hand, but no one else gives to touch him.

In addition, it is hard for him to breathe, his head hurts and starts diarrhea. Sometimes with a sore hand can drop the corner of his mouth.

Treatment of otitis in children:

Treatment of otitis in childrenImmediately contact your doctor. Using the special tools he will examine the eardrum and will determine whether the child has otitis media. Let the child paracetamol to bring the temperature down and reduce the pain. Make the ear a warm compress. Perhaps the doctor will prescribe special eye drops that contain pain relievers components.

If on the fourth day, the pain is not, again, call a doctor. It is not excluded that the baby will need antibiotics. If a fever, and ear filled with pus, the doctor may offer a small operation – paracentesis. It is necessary to remove the pus that has accumulated over the tympanic membrane. After that, the child will recover.