Pregnancy test

The best pregnancy test

The best pregnancy test

If women delay in menses, then she begins to feel a sense of anxiety and excitement. Experience the tension and curiosity for a long time it does not leave and the first thing that comes to mind is to buy a pregnancy test. But you never know, as very often, the test may not show the correct result? And if u buy from a pharmacy, what? To solve this problem, let’s look at all kinds of tests.

Best pregnancy testSo, today, there are 3 groups pregnancy test. The first group, the test strip with a special reagent. In order to use it, you need to omit it in a small amount of liquid. Then after seven minutes you can find out the result by the number of stripes. At first glance, everything is very simple easy. But there is one important disadvantage is the inaccuracy of the results. The error occurs because the indicator is not sufficient soaked. Also a false result if the test strip to hold for longer than specified in the annotated and lowered into the tank below the norm. However, this test has a positive side – they are inexpensive and if they are used properly, the result will be reliable.

The second group is simple tablet pregnancy tests. Their price is slightly higher, and the quality of the result is also higher. The test consists of 2 small Windows. To find out the result, it is necessary urine to drip into the first window, then it interacts with the reagent. And a couple of minutes in the second window shows the result.

Inkjet pregnancy testBut experts say that the most effective pregnancy test is widely known inkjet test. And all because it contains a layer of blue particles. And they are very easy to join the HCG hormone and can determine the presence or the absence of pregnancy. The result can be read in a couple of minutes. The test is very convenient, because you do not need to use any capacity. It is just a test to bring under formation of urine and wait for the result. The disadvantage of the test is that it is very expensive.

Therefore, we conclude that it is possible to buy any test. It is only necessary to accurately and precisely follow the instructions. Therefore, the choice is always yours.

Tips that you should consider when buying a pregnancy test:
always pay attention to the sensitivity and validity of the test. The result will be more truthful, if greater sensitivity;
to test you need the delay, because it is at this point very high levels of the hormone HCG. Not advised to test, you can get a false result;
so the result was absolute, it is necessary to use three or four tests of different companies with breaks in three days.