Adhesions after cesarean section

Today referring to certain statistics, we note that almost every fourth of pregnant women becomes a mother it is due to deliver by caesarean section. And indeed with the help of doctors-surgeons come to light many toddler. Moreover, we note that mothers in such cases may not even see the birth of their babies, while at the moment of birth under General anesthesia. In General, as expressed by the doctors themselves carrying out a caesarean section is quite good, and at the same time, a caesarean section is bad enough. Really to share this dispute is almost impossible, as it is impossible to say which of these statements is wrong. Because actually, the real strengths and real weaknesses in the operation of cesarean section not too little.

Cesarean section and spike fallopian tubes

Cesarean section and spike fallopian tubesLet’s understand in detail. So the concept of a caesarean section is a surgical procedure, through which is possible to be born a new life – a newborn baby. And it is this description of caesarean section was chosen not by accident, because then we will talk about the emergence of adhesions after cesarean section. Recall that the spikes is one of the most difficult, dangerous and very unpleasant complications after medical surgery, what happens as a result of violations of the integrity of the soft tissues in the human body. And as a caesarean section is almost the same surgery as any other means and the spikes are real, is a possible threat to future mothers, who will be by caesarean section.

What are adhesions after cesarean section?

According to doctors actually formed adhesions is some kind of protective reaction of any human body. So after standard surgery almost any of the human organs begins to gradually recover, and completely independently as if by itself. As you know, any incurred wounds heal by scarring (because the human skin is internally pulled together). It should, however, be noted that sometimes these scars or adhesions occur not only in the strictly defined wounded body, but also between different nearby organs located at the site of the previous operation (actually for caesarean section is all the abdominal cavity). As a result after such surgical delivery of a peculiar “to glue to each other” it will loop of intestine or other organs in the pelvis. That’s such scars formed between the various internal organs directly or indirectly involved in the operation, and are called spikes.

What can be dangerous is the formation of adhesions after cesarean section?

As already mentioned after cesarean section scars or adhesions occur with “protective for human mission. And it is these very dense scars (formed from easy growing connective tissue) is able to prevent the most serious inflammatory (or even purulent) processes without which they occur could begin in the area of the pelvic organs, and throughout the abdominal cavity. However, at the same time, such a tight and do not stretch adhesions can significantly interfere with the normal functioning of all internal organs. Because the mobility of such “soldered” intestinal loops are disrupted and as a result may have the same intestinal obstruction.

It is important to understand that after a caesarean such adhesions or scar tissue can affect not only the loops of bowel and the uterus, tubes, ive some cases the ovaries. Of course, if it happens, so even in severe woman with such problems is not to avoid the so-called secondary infertility. Because such a dense rations may prevent physiologically correct penetration of the male egg directly into the fallopian tube, or the sperm will not be able to reach the fertilized female egg, sometimes already formed embryo due to adhesions can’t go to the place of attachment of the placenta in the uterine cavity.

How to suspect the formation of adhesions after cesarean section?

So be sure to learn about the formation of adhesions is usually not difficult. After all spliced tissue or even organs in such a situation can’t get much-needed sufficient oxygen. It is quite natural that you will not get such bodies and normal food, and therefore believe these processes will give the woman felt. Often enough about the occurrence of adhesive processes “tell” some very unpleasant and even painful sensations in the field of pelvic organs.

Additionally, things like that may indicate problems with the intestines and digestive system (constipation, and diarrhea, and even just bloating). Also because of this congestion could be reduced and the overall immunity of the woman, and so many different infections may be “cling” to the woman at every step. And, as a rule, doctors strongly can try to treat all these obsessive sores, not even knowing the reality about the true cause of such – formed spinach. And that is why some time after caesarean birth, doctors must carefully examine every pregnant woman and try to exclude the presence of fresh adhesive processes.

How to treat adhesions formed after caesarean section?

Adhesions after cesarean sectionClearly the treatment of adhesions or scar after cesarean section will depend on their “severity”. So let’s say if adhesions were badly run or say they are too pronounced, similar phenomena may require treatment with a new surgical intervention. However, this can create quite peculiar and unpleasant vicious circle (forming a chain operation – further adhesions next operation again (already remove adhesions and the formation of new adhesions). Usually too rough spikes try to dissect or with the help of laser therapy (special laser), or by aquatically (when strong water pressure completely cuts scars). So with this kind of problems is addressed through special electrocautery (and according to research it sounds like electrosurgery).

Hurry you still a bit to calm down, because most often, for a complete cure adhesions woman enough only to prevent their original appearance, or at least, to prevent severe stages of the disease. I think it’s too hard? Not at all, especially after properly performed a caesarean section. Remember locomotor activity and again locomotor activity – that actually is the main prevention of adhesive processes in a woman’s body. And the sooner after odoratissima surgery, you will be able to stand on his feet – the actual less likely, the adhesive formations. And the less likely it is that your organs will decide to grow together”. Recall that we can not forget about physical therapy is another great way to completely get rid of the occurrence of adhesions “painless”. Though of course may be assigned to any and physiotherapy for the prevention or treatment of adhesions after cesarean section shall your doctor, and only he.

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