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Air ionizer

According to the world health organisation, poor air quality reduces the life by 10-15 years. The presence in areas of synthetic materials, electrical and office equipment disrupts the balance of ions – charged particles. Ionizer purifies air from allergens and various other contaminants. It is able to accelerate oxygen exchange in the body, leaving helpful negative ions.

Types of ionizers

The main characteristic of this type of household appliances – ion concentration. In the product description write the number of created ions per 1 cm3. The normal concentration of ions within 5000 ion/cm3 at a distance of 1 meter from the device. For stable operation, the voltage at the emitter should be in the range of 20-30 kV (maximum). Ionizer air may have several modes, for example, “night”, with low productivity and long pauses.

What is the best air ionizer

Customers are offered the following options:

  • moisturizers to refresh water drops;
  • cleaners capture dust, thanks to them break down volatile chemical compounds and eliminates unpleasant odors;
  • automotive devices.

Before you buy ionizer – humidifier (cleaner air) note on performance and capacity. They are selected depending on the area of your room, for example to 43 sq. m. the power not exceeding 10 watts. Supersaturation of ions, high concentration of ozone can harm health. Working time should not be increased. The prices of ionizers with simultaneous humidification and air purification of the highest – reach 500-800$. Many models have a timer, status indicator, remote control.

Tips for choosing and buying air ionizer

1. Why do you need an air ionizer?

So first you need to decide for what purpose You have decided to choose air ionizer:

– The ionizer is needed to restore the freshness of the air and improve the health of our people, promote health.

In this case it is better to choose an ordinary air ionizer, but is designed for a room smaller than Yours, then the smell of ozone won’t bother You.

For particularly sensitive individuals, asthmatics, Allergy sufferers, and in the nursery it is better to choose as ionizer salt lamp is a natural ionizer, with a very soft ionization, it is not emit ozone.

– Install the ionizer in a room where Smoking, to eliminate tobacco smoke and the smell of tobacco. In this case we strongly recommend You choose an ionizer that produce ozone, because ozone decomposes most effective tobacco smoke odor and eliminates it. In this case, sufficient yield of ozone is rather an advantage than a disadvantage. To remove tobacco choose the air ionizer, the corresponding area of Your room, and always with an electrostatic filter, because the settling on it of resinous substances will easily wash off, but the replacement filters will become clogged very quickly, which will require large expenditures. In addition, it is through a high charge on the electrostatic filter of the ionizer emit ozone, demoralizing tobacco smoke. With Hepa filter cleaning efficiency will be lower.

– Ionizer need to clean the air of dust. If the room is a lot of dust, in the family has allergies or small children, should choose as ionizer air purifier with Hepa filter, having a built-in air ionizer. It will effectively remove the dust, and You can absolutely not be afraid of ozone, since the ionization in it is soft, with a single ionizing needles emit a minimum of ozone.

If changing the filters not fit in Your plans, then choose ionizer with washable electrostatic filter, but be prepared that the smell of ozone may appear, especially in heavy-duty cleaning.

2. Bipolar ionizer

The question of the necessity of a bipolar ionization also quite controversial. Some experts believe that total harmony generation of positive and negative ions must be in strict proportions 2:3, as in nature. However, in any home or office there are so many household appliances, from which emanates a lot of positive ions which just poison the man. So do I need to once and ionizer they produce? For example, to select the bipolar air ionizer in the bedroom or the nursery, which is a minimum makes sense. But in the living room with a TV, a computer and other devices it is possible to choose a unipolar ionizer (generates only negative ions), it will neutralize a large number of already existing positive ions. As a result, the necessary balance will be created automatically.

3. The noise level ionizer air

Air ionizer - how to useChoosing an air ionizer, you should know that there are ionizers, working on the principle of ion wind is causing the air to circulate due to the high electric charge, and there is an ionizer with a fan. First big plus – quiet operation and low cost. But for some, the disadvantage can be quite large output of ozone. Just say that the amount of ozone emitted by such ionizers will not exceed sanitary norms, but in sensitive people can cause discomfort.

Therefore, choosing an air ionizer, and trying to find the quietest, think about how often you inhibit any odors? If there is such a problem, it is better to choose ionizer with Hepa filter and fan. Among them too there are machines that work very quietly, of course, only at minimum speeds.

4. The humidity in the office and at home

Very rarely, but still there are cases that with the purchase of the ionizer people begin to feel myself worse, the reason most often appears very dry air. In such houses all electrified, people get zapped, and the ionizer is not always able to handle it. If you have very dry air, You should choose the air ionizer and humidifier with ionizer.

If filtered water is not available, the room is large and there is serious pollution in the form of dust or unpleasant odors, You’d better choose as humidifier-ionizer climatic complex. It will perform three functions – to ionize, purify and humidify the air.

5. Where are You going to use an air ionizer at home or in the office, where a lot of computers and people.

If You choose the ionizer for home, it shall be sufficient if the area declared in its characteristics, was slightly less than or equal to the area of Your room. If You need a air ionizer for densely populated office where the ions are instantaneously absorbed by humans and computers, will be much better if You choose the ionizer that is designed to Your room a little more, in this case its effectiveness will be significantly more tangible.

6. When choosing air ionizer carefully read its specifications.

The concentration of generated negative ions should be within the recommended by doctors rules 600-50000 ions/cm3. If this score is higher, it is not necessary to leave enabled the function of ionization around the clock, unless, of course, we are not talking about a densely populated office, about which we mentioned above, there will be difficult to neutralize the positive ions, even at elevated concentrations. Also, don’t forget that it is not necessary to place the ionizer closer than a meter from the man. This rule applies to all appliances, and ionizers.

7. Choosing an air ionizer, make sure it has a filter.

This requirement does not apply to the humidifiers-ionizers and salt lamps because they not strong ionization. Choosing any other type of air ionizer, remember, is charged not only air, but also all the particles in it, so around the ionizer may be formed dirty dust spot. To avoid this, most modern ionizers has inside the casing an electrostatic or Hepa filter, which attracts all the charged dust thus clearing the air.

8. Air ionizer – what is it

When You choose air ionizer and start to use it, You’ll realize how fresh and easy may be the air even when the Windows are closed. What You breathe in the car? Exhaust gases and dust? Maybe we should take care of their health fully and choose the right ionizer for car? Moreover, their cost is often funny. All our advice is relevant when choosing automobile ionizers. In the simplest model with electrostatic filter emit ozone and is good for smokers. Car ionizers with different filters (fabric, Hepa, carbon and photocatalyst) can not only improve Your attention behind the wheel and relieve fatigue, but also truly clean the air of dust, fumes, carbon monoxide and exhaust gases, protecting Your health from all of these highly toxic substances.

10. Service of the air ionizer

Just don’t forget about it. It clears the air, cares about You and wants You and sometimes took care of him, especially as its efficiency directly depends on the purity of ionizing needles and filters.

If You choose air ionizer with electrostatic filter every 1-2 weeks wash with filter dust with a wet cloth or rinse under the shower. Those who chose ionizer with Hepa filter, have 1 every 1-2 months to vacuum the filter every six months to a year to replace it with a new one.

If your choice fell on humidifier with ionizer, often change the water every week and clean all humidifier canisters, in contact with water.

In climatic systems and traditional humidifiers – ionizers need once a week to wash a shower evaporative filter (if any) and each heating season to replace it with a new one.

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