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Alcohol Addiction and Abuse

Syndrome of alcohol dependence is called the strongest desire of the patient to alcohol, of course its regular use, causing a lot of symptoms so-called withdrawal syndrome, in the case of alcohol, for whatever reason, ceases to act in the patient’s body.

It is believed that the most common symptoms of alcohol abuse found in men, not all men, aged 20 to 40 years. Sometimes this dependence can be inherited. But among the factors askenasia usually stress and work in areas directly related to constant use is different according to the fortress of spirits.

People who suffer from the syndrome of alcohol dependence, most of them have irresistible, and absolutely uncontrollable desire to once again drink again. And this desire usually becomes more important than, well, practically everything just for the life of the patient. And it is this passionate desire, and therefore the difficulty to limit the amount of alcohol that you drink, as well as the development of withdrawal symptoms occurring after stopping all alcohol consumption, distinguished by the occurrence of the syndrome of alcohol dependence from a simple alcohol. Note that poslednite rather is used to denote the existence of regular drinking alcohol is not always in moderation.

Besides the damage that is applied to alcohol of the liver, and the brain of the sick person, regular and excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages can destroy families, ruin relationships with other people and destroy a career.

In addition to the above symptoms of alcohol abuse can often be the result of unsafe combination of various external factors. So sometimes a predisposition to primary alcohol abuse preceding alcohol dependence syndrome may be laid in the family, and including at not quite the right upbringing of the child, which most often occurs in the environment of extremely hard drinking couples.

Note too timid, overly restless or suffering from a strong depression people may start trying to reduce their anxiety or other problem large doses of alcoholic beverages. The strongest risk of developing alcohol dependence in these people is greatly strengthened, if they work in bars or in other places directly related to regular consumption of large amounts of alcoholic beverages.

Symptoms of Alcohol dependency

Undoubtedly, the total number of symptoms development of symptoms of alcohol abuse may include the following:

  • Tormenting a sick person strong, and absolutely uncontrollable desire to drink. As well as a complete loss of control over the total number of alcoholic beverages consumed.
  • Almost constantly increasing resistance on the human body of alcohol that eventually leads to a permanent increase of the dose of alcohol consumed to achieve the desired effect. The weakening depression, etc.

Main symptoms of the withdrawal syndrome, which usually present the strongest nausea, frequent sweating and a noticeable hand tremor that occurs after glasses of alcohol.

Note that in the most severe cases of syndrome of alcohol addiction a significant strength of the withdrawal syndrome may occur after an absolute cessation of drinking. Moreover the symptoms of alcohol abuse a few days after the beginning of doing life in absolute sobriety quite possibly even the development of dangerous state of delirium tremens, which in turn is followed by fever, tremors, seizures, disorientation, and Frank hallucinations. In the most extreme cases of syndrome of alcohol dependence can develop shock, sometimes leading even to death of the patient.

Alcohol in most cases has a direct negative impact not only on human body but his brain, which means that the alcohol can cause a fairly rapid development of so many diseases, the symptoms of which differ dramatically. Long flowing syndrome of alcohol dependence is the most common cause of the most serious and dangerous for the patient of liver diseases.

Of course, alcohol can seriously affect the entire digestive system of the patient, resulting in gastritis and even stomach ulcers.

Diagnostics of alcoholism

It is logical to assume that the diagnosis of syndrome of alcohol dependence initially includes a clear definition of forms and types, timing, and dose of alcohol, which preceded the development of this condition.

In the diagnosis of alcohol dependence syndrome, the main clinical signs of the onset of habitual drunkenness will be the appearance of the development and formation of pathological op form of craving for alcohol.

In addition to being one of the most essential and earliest manifestations of primary formirovanija alcohol dependence and the manifestation which is”key” in diagnostics,is a sharp increase in craving for alcohol during periods when a person is forced to refrain from alcoholic drinks. In such periods, the patient can rapidly deteriorate the mood, it can be a feeling of unpleasant discomfort, the person is constantly “something is missing”, “don’t like something”, ” something. Of course, that taking certain doses of alcohol relieves such discomfort. Emergence of such States and makes the first systematic drunkenness, and then leads to the development of dangerous symptoms of alcohol abuse.

Next, the second least significant, and even crucial,feature of development of the syndrome of alcohol dependence is a significant increase in tolerance to alcohol, and in some cases at least to 0.75 liter of 40% vodka or even more. However, as a rule, occurs almost complete suppression of protective reflexes no longer cause vomiting in case of poisoning the body with alcohol.

No doubt the precise diagnosis of the onset of the syndrome of alcohol dependence is the step responsible for the doctor and can enter the exclusive competence of the specialists are psychiatrists-narcologists.

Treatment of Alcohol addiction

Treatment of Alcohol addictionShould immediately say that such a condition as a syndrome of alcohol dependence requires a fully integrated treatment through the hospital. Most of the symptoms of alcohol abuse usually can be removed with the help of some of the anxiolytics that are actually assigned to under these conditions.

Treatment of certain physical disorders that usually result from too prolonged and even prolonged alcohol dependence, necessarily involves the use of various antiulcer drugs (when the cases of stomach ulcers), use of injections of vitamin B1, which allows you to adjust the deficit in the patient thiamine. And, of course, used many other medical procedures.

In addition, immediately after the disappearance of the main symptoms of alcohol dependence the doctor may also prescribe medication, which subsequently will reduce the traction of the patient to alcohol or those drugs that can cause persistent patient discomfort during drinking.

May be administered sessions of individual psychotherapy, which help people to cope with major problems that may contribute to the preservation of alcohol dependence.

Prevention of alcoholism

One of the surest principles of prevention of the development of the syndrome of alcohol dependence is early detection of the problem and adequate assistance to those patients who are binge your condition or in the condition of abrupt withdrawal of alcohol.

In other words, prevention of the syndrome of alcohol dependence, of course, must begin during the cure of a variety of emergency conditions like those patients who are suffering domestic drunkenness or alcoholism. The incredible diversity of clinical manifestations of the syndrome of alcohol addiction makes it virtually impossible to develop some unified scheme for prevention of this condition.

The system, which would take into account all of the possible variants of the course of this painful condition. It is possible to define more generalized scheme for the prevention of this condition in complex and of course strictly individual treatment of a specific patient.

In addition, the prevention of alcohol abuse in these patients should be primarily aimed at the timely prevention of possible extremely resistant deficit disorders. In any case, prevention of this condition requires a complex approach, and most importantly the timely and effective correction of not only psychiatric but also many somatoneurological disorders developing in the patient.

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