Alcohol and Depression

At least once in life everyone has a state of despondency, apathy, feelings of depression and despair. Someone such a state passes quickly, in others it develops into a real illness – depression. In such cases, of course, need professional help, but most people are still trying to solve the problem on their own, which often leads to the development of disease.

One of the unacceptable methods of treatment for depression is the use of alcohol. Under the influence of alcohol, people forget about all the problems, feel more confident, look at life through different eyes. But it must be remembered that the effects of alcohol sooner or later ends, and the sense of despair after that only increased. In addition, alcohol negatively affects the nervous system, thus depression is more severe.

Effects of Alcohol on Depression

As a rule, if not to control the dose of alcohol consumed, the “treatment” of alcohol is not limited to one drinking glass. Suffering again from the hangover, complaining of weakness, malaise, headache, man in the depression tries to draw attention to himself, to evoke pity and sympathy from people around him. Not getting that he feels neglected, he will again pour his suffering from a misunderstanding of alcohol. Thus, a vicious circle, out of which I can find only a specialist, i.e. a psychologist.

In some cases, alcohol during depression may lead to tragic consequences. A drunk person does not adequately assess the situation, therefore, a person who not once came into my head suicidal thoughts, in alcohol is capable of suicide.

But is there an inverse relationship between alcohol and depression? Yes, alcohol also affects the occurrence of depression, and depression affects the development of alcoholism treatment. It is known that alcohol alters the chemical composition of the brain, and this contributes to depression. It is also known that people who regularly host vysokostatusnye drinks, there are often conflicts in the family and at work, deteriorating memory, there are problems in the sexual life, and all this is accompanied by stress, which in turn lead to depression.

We must remember: alcohol is not the way out. Encouraging themselves with alcohol, you’re not just risking to get into alcohol addiction, but finally lost the taste for life.

There are many causes of depression, bad weather, problems at work or in your personal life, dissatisfaction with her figure, creative lack of implementation, etc.

It is best to prevent depression in the beginning of its inception. First you need to believe that you control your emotions, not them you.

How to get rid of depression without alcohol:

  • Good lighting. Often depression finds us in the fall or winter. It’s not weird: it is in these seasons we lack sunlight, which affects the mood elevation. So don’t skimp on the light, try to make it brighter at work and at home.
  • Meeting with friends. A good company never hurt anyone, as long as it was fun and could distract you from negative thoughts and set his mind on the positive. In a circle of close people you will not be sad and lonely.
  • Favorite pastime. Each of us has a favorite activity: some like to draw, others to read, others prefer to watch a movie. Your main task – to escape from boredom and monotony. So feel free to take a pencil, a favorite book or sit down at your favorite movies. Just remember one thing – the movie or the book should be fun (horror, drama and thrillers are canceled).
  • Change of scenery. It’s never too late to try something new: make the house a permutation, or start a repair. Believe me, even small changes can help you look at life with different eyes. This applies to new classes, and even to change the order of the day.
  • Sport. Do some sport or just try to move more, suitable even for normal walking. As you know, a little physical activity contribute to mood elevation and improve the shape.
  • Gift. Make yourself a nice gift, for example, treat yourself to a favorite food or buying clothes.
  • Different attitude to life. Try to look at life from the other side: take some things with humor, try in every situation to find something good, don’t be vengeful and vindictive, do not envy, believe in yourself and remember that you are worthy of happiness.

In life so much more interesting that just a shame to waste on depression and sadness. Therefore, most find joy in the little things, and don’t forget that your happiness depends only on you.

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