Alcohol and potency (erection)

About that alcohol negatively affects the potency, people knew for a long time. Among the physicians of the Ancient world was a common phrase: “Wine excites desire, but makes it impossible to carry it out”. It is well known that ethyl alcohol is poison and is destructive influences all bodies and systems of the human body. And the sexual system of men is not an exception. Many people think that once representatives of the stronger sex do not need to carry the child, then the alcohol with no effect on their intimate health, however, it is a serious misconception.

Effect of alcohol on potency

Many men believe that small doses of alcohol improve a potentiality and increases a sexual attraction. This is true, however, with a very big caveat. First of all, it is worth remembering that the dose should be quite small: about a glass or two at night before intercourse. It relieves stress, increases sexual activity, causes blood inflow to bodies of a small basin. However regular, continuous alcohol intake eventually leads to deterioration of functioning of sexual system, decrease in a sexual inclination and alcoholic dependence.

If you exceed the maximum given dose of alcohol, men have serious problems with potency and overall health. There is an increase in the time for excitation, there are problems with maintaining an erection. In chronic alcoholism, in most cases, completely lost libido, lower erection quality, develops infertility. One of the most vulnerable organ to alcohol is the liver. At liver destruction in blood men comes a much less hormones that leads to sexual weakness.

Alcoholism and impotence

Men who abuse alcohol, already at the age of thirty have some serious problems in the sexual life. According to statistics, about one-third of men who consumed alcohol, lost virility, and further became fruitless. And here it does not matter the quality of the products – problems and diseases will come anyway. It should be noted that alcohol reduces over time sensitivity of nerve endings. Worse start working tactile receptors, more and more the nervous terminations cease to feel the impulses that lead to arousal.

In addition to male potency, alcohol strongly influences and seed liquid, including on spermatozoa. Under the influence of ethyl alcohol they become lethargic and change the structure becomes more abnormal sperms. It is first necessary to mention the so-called “drunk conception”, when at the moment of conception of the child, one parent or both were drunk.

Alcohol and male infertility

Male semen along with spermatozoa is updated on average every three months. However even after abstention from alcohol if conception occurred in a state of intoxication, the chance of having an unhealthy child is large enough. The norm is that the male semen contains about 25% of unhealthy sperm, however, their chances to fertilize the egg is much lower than in healthy controls. And alcohol makes possible equal conditions for all of the sperm, increasing the chance of fertilization by sperm that is unhealthy and the birth of a defective child.

Thus, it is clear that alcohol consumption does not promote sexual activity, but negatively affects the virility. Therefore to keep intimate health and a sexual inclination for many years, alcohol consumption should be kept to a minimum. If you have any questions or problems related to excessive alcohol consumption, please contact the clinic.

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