Alcohol and Teens

Everyone has long known that sometimes there is nothing scarier than a habit, especially a bad one. So now so many people who have bad habits – Smoking and alcohol abuse. Unfortunately, most “susceptible” to bad habits are children and teenagers. Psychologists still can’t pinpoint why, to teach kids bad easy and the good, on the contrary, it is often quite difficult. It is possible that here the principle of “Forbidden fruit is sweet”…

In addition, modern teenagers too influenced by popular culture, which imposed a glossy, TV and Internet. The party is not considered complete if there’s no alcohol, guys don’t look presentable without a cigarette in hand, and girls do not feel confident without two or three cocktails.

Teenagers think that youth is only one and can afford it, at least try. But not only the youth we have one, we have one health, which we take away alcohol or cigarettes.

Dangers of alcohol for teenagers

The first thing that suffers from alcohol is the brain. Ethyl alcohol contained in any alcoholic beverage slows down certain processes in the brain, which is extremely dangerous because during adolescence the brain is at the stage of some of the changes and are particularly susceptible to the harmful effects.

Dangerous alcohol is to the liver. If it is very harmful to the adult liver, the effect of ethanol on adolescent liver even more, violates the synthesis of vitamins and enzymes, impairs the metabolism of carbohydrates and proteins.

Also suffers from alcohol and the digestive system: changes the composition of gastric juice, deteriorating the work of the pancreas, get cramps in the abdominal cavity. This is especially dangerous for teenagers, as they are usually not very well fed, disrupting the digestive system of different crackers and chips.

Alcohol (especially beer) is a strong enough diuretic drink, in consequence of which the body leaves a huge number of essential vitamins and minerals.

The cardiovascular system is also affected by the negative effects from alcoholic beverages, as there is a risk of tachycardia and arrhythmia (the threat is doubled if the teenager is not only drinks but also smokes).

Alcohol heavily impairs the immune system, so the teenager who is “friendly” with alcohol it is easier to “hook up” the infection and ill.

If, on the contrary, getting too relaxed. Nevertheless, he often delves into his habit, ucasa reasons and increasing the dose.
The body of a teenager is still immature and unstable, so parents should do everything to protect it from impact that could hurt him.

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