Alcohol Pregnancy

Alcohol During Pregnancy

The negative impact of alcohol on women’s health and her unborn child a lot of gossip, however, despite all the assurances from experts, not everyone is ready to completely give up alcohol. Who is right: the woman, claiming that alcohol in small doses is not harmful, because the body requires it or the doctors categorically prohibiting its use? Is there a valid dose of alcohol, and what are the consequences of uncontrolled use of alcohol? – let’s try to understand.

Beer and Wine During Pregnancy – Beneficial or Harmful?

The study of this question has been addressed by many scientists, that’s why around this subject so many myths. In particular, many argue that drinking to a glass of red wine a week is not only not harmful, but even useful for blood circulation. Grandmothers and mothers tell us that drinking a teaspoon of wines or liquors, and nothing on the child are not affected! – Actually, every body is different, so someone and a tablespoon of alcohol will be enough to cause poisoning.

Red wine is, of course, not the vodka and cognac, but the fact is that to find really high quality products are very problematic. In Soviet products, the alcohol industry has added fewer artificial additives, so the blame was attributed to the mythical useful qualities. Now often instead of wine in the bottle found a normal Braga or even alcohol with dyes, which can inflict considerable damage!

Safe Dose of Alcohol During Pregnancy

If you are in school and studied anatomy, you remember that mother and baby connected to the placenta. Everything eats or drinks, the mother will get the body crumbs, because the circulatory system is connected. So no need to build the illusion that alcohol is quickly removed from the body and will not have time to go to the fetus to refresh the body after drinking requires a minimum of 24 days.

The fetus of alcohol is not protected such thing as a “useful dose” simply does not exist. Even if 10 grams will not lead to such disastrous consequences, the damage will still be inflicted. No medic will not be able to calculate what dose of wine or beer will be disastrous for the child, so the responsibility lies entirely with the parents.

Fetal alcohol syndrome

FAS– fetal Alcohol Syndrome, a condition which is caused by the action of components of alcohol on the fetus at a critical period of development. It is known that if the expectant mother consumes alcoholic beverages in the first 16 weeks of pregnancy, the likelihood that the child is stillborn or is miscarried, is increased by 70%.

Most often, FAS is fixed, if the woman had used 4-5 doses (1 dose – 15 grams) of alcohol daily. When smaller amounts of anomalous effects less noticeable, but the damage is still applied. Doctors say that women who drink alcoholic beverages, and damaged the structure of the egg – the one in which the incorporated genetic information.

Signs of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome:

  • Alcohol during pregnancy - effect and consequencesLack of child’s weight at birth;
  • Violation of physical development of the fetus;
  • Hypoplasia of the lips, cheeks or jaws;
  • Developmental Disorders of the brain and nervous system;
  • Disruption of internal organs.

The most dangerous period for drinking – 7-12 weeks of pregnancy, then the fetus begins development of the brain. Destroyed by alcohol nerve cells simply do not regenerate, the child may experience problems with memory, speech, hearing, and other intellectual processes. May also be affected by other systems and internal organs.

Alcohol is insidious. Its influence on the organism of the child may occur after birth – cause of chronic disease, inhibition of natural physical processes:

  • Provoke defects in the development of internal organs;
  • Psychological disease;
  • Weak physical development, defects of the musculoskeletal system;
  • Learning difficulties (poor memory, poor speech, and so on). Such children can be significantly behind peers;
  • Disorders in the cardiovascular, nervous, respiratory system;
  • Weak immune system;
  • Congenital predisposition to alcoholism.

Alcohol and Conception

If you found out she was pregnant, but before that we’d been at a party and had consumed alcohol, do not just prepare for the worst. It is worth remembering that in the first 2 weeks the embryo has not yet attached to the uterine wall, so accepted alcohol is dangerous because it can cause miscarriage. As a rule, the woman often does not even notice that she was pregnant – she is only a slight discomfort. The placenta is formed after 2 weeks, this period even the minimum dose of alcoholic beverages can cause the development of pathologies so that the alcohol remove to the far shelf for at least 9 months, and if everything is in order with the feeding, if not longer.

If you are planning a pregnancy, both partners need to exclude alcoholic drinks. Focus on healthy eating and physical activity. If the husband drinks alcohol, he should know that ethanol is amazing and the sperm, destroying part of the DNA, so that the health of the offspring is questionable. Before conception is recommended at least 3 months to abstain from alcohol during this period, use of barrier contraception products.

A healthy lifestyle is very important, because it determines the lives of your children, think about it in advance to avoid late!

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