Alcohol Poisoning

Every body is different, so for each person there is the so-called own dose of alcohol, which becomes poison for him. It depends on the weight, hereditary factors, presence of chronic diseases, the condition of the stomach and the liver, conditions of acceptance alcohol (snacks, drinks), and many other factors.

People who are in a state of alcoholic intoxication, is not able to adequately assess their condition and therefore may not notice that the poisoned alcohol-containing beverages.

Signs of Alcohol Poisoning:

  • lack of self-criticism and re-evaluation of their capacity (person does not recognize that drunk and continues to drink);
  • loss of coordination, impairment of attention;
  • loud, slurred and unclear speech; the emancipation of the instincts that are controlled in a sober state (sexual, food, etc.);
  • slow pulse – less than 60 beats per minute; redness of the face, increased sweating;
  • nausea and vomiting.

If you do not stop drinking alcohol, then the symptoms worsen, and possibly the onset of alcoholic coma. The person loses consciousness, it decreases the body’s temperature, constricts the pupils. Possibly involuntary urination and defecation, copious vomiting. In this state, impaired activity of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. The victims quickens the heartbeat, it becomes thready (poorly detectable), breathing becomes noisy. Perhaps the abundant secretion of saliva and mucus, sometimes in the form of foam.

Alcoholic coma can be of varying severity. In case of superficial coma, after gastric lavage the person regains consciousness. And coma moderate and deep coma victim required emergency hospitalization in the Department of toxicology to medical care.

Alcohol Poisoning Treatment

When the first signs of alcohol poisoning should wash the affected stomach from the amount of alcohol that had not yet absorbed into the bloodstream. With this purpose, you need to call in poisoned vomiting.

If the person is conscious, he should be requested to drink several glasses of boiled water at room temperature and mechanically provoke an attack of vomiting. Gastric lavage should be as long as is vomit, the victim begins to get water. After gastric lavage poisoned to drink sweet tea with lemon, coffee or milk and take activated charcoal (1 tablet per 10 kg of body weight). The victim must be warm to the feet and hands warm heating pad.

If the person is unconscious, you should immediately call the ambulance. To lead the victim to feeling you bring to his nose the cotton wool moistened with liquid ammonia. If ammonia is not at hand, it is possible to RUB the patient’s ears, thereby allowing the inflow of blood to the head. You also need to ensure the flow of fresh air into the room, opening the window. You cannot begin gastric lavage and forced to drink sorbents, if the person is inadequate or is unconscious. If the victim is unconscious, began vomiting, turn his head to the side in order to avoid getting vomit in the respiratory tract.

In severe cases, can even stop the heart. In such a situation should immediately begin resuscitation (CPR), without waiting for the arrival of the ambulance.

Preventing Alcohol Poisoning

It is desirable to abandon the use of alcohol beverages. If you still want to drink, then you can take some preventive measures that will help to prevent alcohol intoxication:

  • you should not drink alcohol on an empty stomach;
  • before a meal, you can eat a sandwich with butter or lard;
  • during the feast, you need a good bite to eat;
  • it is impossible to lower the drink strength and to mix different alcohol;
  • do not drink alcohol carbonated drinks; the room must be ventilated, especially at a large gathering of people;
  • not recommended to smoke;
  • before taking alcohol and during a party you can take a drug to prevent alcohol intoxication (Zoreks, Limontar).

Which doctor to contact if you have alcohol poisoning

Severe alcohol poisoning treated in the toxicology Department where the patient is examined by a toxicologist, emergency physician, neurologist. After repeated abuse of alcohol, especially teenagers, need to consult a psychiatrist.

Dangers of Alcohol Poisoning

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