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Allergic to breast milk in the child

Food Allergy is a real scourge of our time. That’s why the most important question that should concern a young mother: “What can I eat to the mother, if the baby is allergic?”

Food allergy is genetic susceptibility

Not every child suffers from allergies, because not everyone has the predisposition to develop this disease. So, if a newborn in the family someone is allergic, the baby is automatically included in the risk group. At the beginning of a baby’s life are often allergic reactions occur as a reaction to the consumption of certain products. Cow’s milk protein, for example, are the real allergens. That’s why breastfeeding is considered the best prevention of allergies. But what if the baby is fed exclusively mother’s milk, and the rash of atopic dermatitis does not have time to go with his delicate skin?

Right diet nursing mothers

Right diet nursing mothersProbably not worth the extra time to emphasize the fact that alcohol, coffee, spicy spices, and food additives, and Smoking are strictly forbidden for lactating women. Yes and that food on the table young moms have to be fresh and to comply with the standards, to remind not necessarily. But few people know exactly what products can cause allergies in the baby and how to determine the cause of the notorious reaction. Foods that cause allergies, are identified through testing. Let us admit frankly, not every mother would do that, because the child is not a Guinea pig to see him bully. Much more willing loving mother will refuse from anything that can cause an allergic reaction in your baby, whether it be grapes, bananas, sunflower seeds, peanuts and so on. If after this baby is all good, congratulations, you are on the right track.

If not, should continue to exclude components of the diet. You can take the tests: in the laboratory will certainly find out which product is contraindicated crumbs. Not need to be discounted and heredity: the same product that is not tolerated by the body of the father of the child can be harmful to the baby.

What to do if the allergen is not defined?

Nursing need to try to replace milk in the diet of dairy products. Often this is the problem. Generally, the mother should lean on food is a source of proteins and less use of fats and carbohydrates. Therefore, it is necessary to give preference to poultry and fish, pork, delete, and beef should be consumed as less as possible. The body crumbs badly perceives starch and sucrose. Refusal muffin and protein bread will solve this problem. A good alternative to bread rolls can be black wholemeal bread or pastries from sprouted wheat and branny bread. With regard to fruits and vegetables, need to be careful with tomatoes and berries.

As for the rest, their allergenic potential is very small. The main thing is that all the fruits and vegetables were home-grown, free from growth promoters and nitrates. To exclude all allergens completely from the diet of nursing makes no sense, because you need to work out the baby immunity. So the month or two after birth in the diet should be returned to citrus, nuts. Even tea and chocolate can, within reasonable limits, of course. Later and the tomatoes need to remember. Whatever it was, proper diet will help to grow a healthy toddler.

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