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Allergic to cold in children

The kid came back from a walk, and you are not happy with his rosy cheeks. Be careful: if the redness does not subside in a few hours and in addition to her rash appears, the child may be suspected of cold Allergy, reaction to the sharp drop in temperature.

In the most mild form of cold Allergy red, itchy and sometimes swollen all open to the cold areas of the body. Within five minutes after being in the cold, the child begins to itch, trying to grab the handles to the cheeks. Upon returning home on the cheeks may appear rash similar to hives. It captures the hand, and very young children – and the inner surface of the thighs and shins, knees. Rash tight, pink or whitish, very concerned about the baby. After a few hours the symptoms disappear without any treatment.

Cold Allergy may manifest differently. Watery eyes or appear swollen around the eyes and lips, “eating” in the corners of the mouth, peeling lips and cracking that were previously attributed to the lack of vitamins and viral diseases, can also be due to allergies.
Sometimes the Allergy is manifested as a banal cold: nocturnal dry cough, wheezing when breathing, stuffy nose – and all this against the background of reddened cheeks.
If a child has symptoms of atopic dermatitis, food allergies, dysbiosis, and cold allergy will be heavier. Often cold Allergy begins after acute respiratory illness.

Symptoms of Allergy to cold

For diagnosis use cold samples, which you can spend at home. Put on the wrist of a baby at 15 minutes a piece Luda and watch will not appear if the rash and itching. The answer is Yes? Show child to the allergist. But even if there was no response, and walks continue to pose problems, ask the doctor: some form of of cold Allergy in this test do not show themselves.

How to cure the Allergy cold

To overcome this Allergy is difficult, because in our latitudes, it is impossible to completely eliminate the allergen – cold. But addiction does not occur with age, the reaction will become heavier.

Symptoms of Allergy to coldAt the first sign of cold Allergy give the child any permitted him an antihistamine – suprastin, tavegil, zyrtec.
Face before going outside lubricate with a thin layer of baby cream, and lip – hygienic lipstick.
Waterproof mittens and gloves preferable gloves. Wear the baby on the head hood, face close helmet.
Forget about the hardening and swimming: the decrease in water temperature for bathing the baby is fraught with allergic reaction.
Limit the time your baby outdoors: Hiking in cold weather will bring him more harm than good.

Suspected allergic to the cold is no excuse mom’s laziness and unwillingness once again in bad weather to go outside and habits to wrap up a healthy child in a hundred of clothing. Only your doctor can determine the severity of the disease and make appropriate recommendations.

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