Allergy newborn child

If the expectant mother suffers from allergies, it is likely (though not necessarily), they will be and the baby. However, the problem of allergies in the newborn may face and the woman who has never suffered from allergies. After birth, the child is in contact with the allergen — the substance to which the immune system responds inappropriately, and as a result begin allergic processes.

Allergies and rashes in newbornsWhen the mother’s own allergic reactions allergies in the fetus does not occur as responsive to allergen-specific stimulus immunocomplex (antigens – substances that caused the Allergy, and the antibodies produced in response to antigens) do not penetrate through the placenta. But if during pregnancy the woman had an Allergy is the probability of occurrence of the future child is about 50%. And not inherited specific allergic disease (conjunctivitis, rhinitis, asthma), and the readiness of the organism to the development of allergic reactions.

To minimize the risk of allergies in the unborn child, try to maintain a healthy lifestyle and spend as much time as possible outdoors. When allergic symptoms during pregnancy expectant mothers should be possible to eliminate from your diet allergenic foods. Avoid stressful situations as stress provokes allergic reactions, and my mother and the future child.

Immediately after birth, put the baby to the breast and try to prolong breastfeeding. Early — up to 4 months of cessation of breastfeeding increases the frequency of allergic reactions in the child several times, as with milk, the mother in the child’s body receives substances that neutralize allergens.

With mother’s milk and, especially, with the first drops of colostrum the baby receives the necessary antibodies. If milk is not enough, in any case not accustom toddler with allergic predisposition conventional mixtures. The first 1-2 days for the lack of milk can be add child clean boiled water. In the future, a constant lack of breast milk children with hereditary predisposition to allergic reactions should supplementation only special preventive compounds

Pimples on face childOne of the main ways to prevent allergies in the mother and the unborn child is a hypoallergenic diet. All pregnant women are recommended to abide by it, starting with the seventh month. If the expectant mother suffers from allergies, it is possible to stick to this diet she needs from the first days of pregnancy.

The basic principle of this diet is the exclusion from the diet of allergenic products. These include: milk, eggs, nuts, honey, seafood (crabs, shrimp, crayfish), fish, black and red caviar, soy, berries, tomatoes, chocolate, cheese, citrus fruits, canned products, all spicy, salty, smoked and marinated. Resolved: porridge, cereals, lean meat and poultry in boiled form (veal, Turkey, chicken), fresh and cooked vegetables and fruits are inconspicuous color (potatoes, cabbage, cucumbers, zucchini, green and yellow apples, pears, etc.).

It is totally unacceptable Smoking (both active and passive) pregnant and lactating women. Is this important to ventilate the room, vacuuming carpets and upholstered furniture, knock out and let it dry pillow.

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