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Apathy (Indifferent Mood)

Apathy is a mental state which is indifferent, indifferent attitude towards life and everything around him. If you touch the origins of the origin of this concept, it is known that since antiquity apathy attributed to the irrational movement of the soul, which is characterized by the evasion of correct judgments of good and evil.

Depression or Apathy

Apathy often gives rise to depression. To treat it or not — of interest to many people. If the status is delayed and you don’t know how to get rid of it, don’t hesitate to ask for help to the doctor.

Signs that should alert first of all — emotional sphere disorder, slow thinking, low mood, reduction of motor activity. It is important that these signs were observed for a long time. Often the concept of depression — apathy confused with chronic fatigue syndrome. In the second case, the cause of the disease is a physical fatigue, and not external causes.

Depression — apathy has diverse clinical manifestations. This loss of interest in the surrounding world, somatic symptoms of physical discomfort, intestinal disorders, headaches. Feature of depression, of apathy is that patients are very long can be examined by different specialists, but only psychiatrists can prescribe effective treatment.

Depression — apathy caused by stress and psychological trauma. However, sometimes these signs appear at the endogenous causes of the violations occur due to lack of production of serotonin in the brain. Treatment includes taking anti-depressants and psychotherapy.

Apathy causes

Reasons for apathy: heredity, endocrine dysfunction, stress (conflict, job loss, retirement, natural disasters, death of a loved one, problems with the law), medication, mild depression.

Apathy and other possible causes: chronic disease (heart attack, stroke, diabetes, cancer), premenstrual syndrome in women, the failure of creativity, alcoholism, drug addiction, old age.

Lethargic condition can trigger birth control pills, heart medications, and drugs, reducing blood pressure, and hypnotics, antibiotics, steroids.

Causes of indolence can be a professional activity that triggered emotional burnout.

Apathy in young people is often caused by energy decline, a serious illness, vitamin deficiency, lack of sunlight, emotional and physical stress.

Signs of apathy

This painful condition, which is characterized by indifference, lack of external manifestations. You can even apply such a thing as a paralysis of the emotions. Often apathetic state by abulia manifested in the overall reduction of mental activity. Signs of apathy these patients are manifest in immobility, not talking., the lack of initiative. The movement and speech of the sick is often inhibited, with the blackouts and disruptions in thinking.

Signs of apathy appear in two variants. In the first case apathy capable evident, revealing itself indifferent to everything around him. In the second case, apathy does not prevent activity, but all of a sudden the person can escape from life, ending by suicide. In the second case, the person destroys themselves endogenous. A dark, depressed mood is familiar to everyone, however, if depression, hopelessness, despair, deep sadness, loss of interest in active life there is constantly, it is a chance to see a specialist for medical care.

Apathy symptoms

Sometimes apathy is manifested in the decline of volitional activity. Many diseases have fatigue among their symptoms, particularly schizophrenia. Often this condition is marked by organic lesions in the brain. Apathy is present in various depression.

Apathy and its symptoms: lack of joy from ordinary things and the involvement of suffering. External symptoms include apathy, detachment from people, all the world around, the presence of indifference, passivity, lack of the need to love and be loved. This does not mean that the apathetic person is deprived permanently of all emotions and feelings. In most cases, emotions hidden in the depths of the unconscious, and continue as needed until better times. But in General it looks so: the man is an emotionless, lifeless, unfeeling; without desires and instincts.

The condition manifests itself in tension and irritability. On the contrary, indifference covers of the individual. Apathetic man not only loses its meaning to any activity, he did not even have the desire to do anything, and even more the desire to satisfy them. Pleasure or displeasure is unclear apathetic person, and therefore does not cause emotions (positive or negative). Apathetic condition devalues all humans atrophy personal emotional experiences.

Some researchers believe that the ability to fall into an apathetic state characterized by the early stages of a baby’s life. The apathy acts as a protective mechanism which leads to the existence of unfulfilled needs. In the state of apathy all unmet needs remain, reduceras. Other authors believe that apathy turns into the characteristic of modern man. The opposite of love becomes apathy, but the opposite of will is the indifference and detachment.

Apathy leads to the elimination of will, of love and leads to violence. This condition becomes part of the mental illness. If we consider the apathy from the point of view of psychoanalysis, we can note that this condition is a result of protective mechanisms I which help to neutralize various painful emotions and resolve conflicts vnutripsihicheskoy.

Strong apathy is marked by a lack of plans for the future of man. The patient closes on itself, not start dating, not dreams. From the apathetic life of a man appears dull and gray. If you have any of the following symptoms, you can easily relate yourself to the person apathetic indifference, expressionless speech, laziness, isolation, lack of initiative, the pursuit of loneliness, sadness without cause.

Apathy and laziness

The way out of apathy depends on sick. If the person is ambitious, demanding of himself, active, he can fight against laziness and apathy. For this you need to make an effort and succeed. If you do not make an effort threatens to hit in the clutches of depression.

Apathy and laziness are able to permanently loop the man in these feelings. So do not be long to let them into your life. Taking them as a respite for a short time, leave the state, do not tighten it. Determine the time frame of your stay. Let it be a vacation to seven days, a change of scenery, relax, but without prescription do not take antidepressants and alcohol do not get carried away. The best thing you can do is to sleep, which will restore power and energy.

Apathy and laziness is a natural state, signaling that you needed rest, as you lead an irregular lifestyle. Analyze the situation that led you to it. If necessary, contact your doctor if the condition is delayed.

Lethargy (Indifferent Mood)

Let us look at the mechanism of occurrence of this condition for successful elimination in the future of its manifestations. An indifferent condition is taken due to an excess of emotions or their lack. People cannot endlessly happy to emozionanti, he eventually blunted emotions, end strength, and on the contrary living without positive emotions ends with a breakdown. When splashes of emotions, the body forms an energy deficit, and to fill the need to pause. In these moments appear as apathy, lethargy, weakness, drowsiness.

The state of apathy with temporary signs of lethargy, weakness and drowsiness for the man is not dangerous. Often apathetic condition occurs even among those whose life is prosperous. In these cases it originates from the usual boredom and ends with a complete indifference to everything. From this disease no one is immune.

Lethargy is able to catch up as successful and happy person, and is continuously undergoing failures.

Apathy is a very common condition and, not every person knows how to help himself. The situation of the sick is often compounded by the fact that indifference to the whole world joins and indifference to his personality.

How to get out of apathy professionals, to understand your problem.

Apathy during pregnancy

Apathy during pregnancy common phenomenon. She said the lack of interest in a pregnant to something new, boredom. The reason for the apathetic state in this case are hormonal disruptions. For expectant mothers as prophylaxis will be useful exposure to fresh air, walking, light gymnastics. Treatment begins with awareness. With this purpose, connect the introspection, and the man yourself trying to understand the problem. In the treatment of apathy during pregnancy effectively apply a change of job, social circle, place of residence, physical activity, healthy eating, traveling, special massage, the use of vitamins.

How to deal with apathy

How to beat apathy is interested in all patients with this condition. First of all, you must be willing to fight apathy with all my heart and all my thoughts to associate with it. It is important to understand what caused the indifference to everything. Understand yourself, what led you to apathy. Your subconscious will tell you what you need to return to the original state when you were happy, harmonious and everything pushed you to action and not an indifferent contemplation of life from the outside, as an outside observer, not wanting anything for himself. Paws apathetic state insidious and they are going deeper and deeper. Initially, it is not a comfortable state, but over time people get used to it and it seems that it is not bad to be apathetic and go with the flow. Don’t want to, and I wish one that you left alone. The days are spent lying on the couch just a few of them from morning to evening without changing anything in your life.

Apathetic people believe that it is not necessary to change anything, still nothing will change. It is important to realize that to be content with little and not to wishing for a better life for the weak, the disaffected people in my life, failed and forgotten the simple truth that failure is the experience for which you need to be grateful and move on without looking back. It all depends on you and on your desire to get rid of once and for all from apathy. For a start some shut-eye, and start to think anew, remove from my life negativity, laziness, lethargy, indifference.

How to deal with apathy? You need to find out the cause and admit to yourself that your apathy caused for example by failure, stress, not for the fulfilment of their desires and ambitions or, on the contrary you are very committed and there are “burn.” Realizing his problem at the root and changing the attitude to it, only then it shifts, and you can defeat apathy.

You still don’t know how to deal with apathy? You need to remember myself in the childhood, the adolescence, when the state of apathy you were not familiar when you knew no disappointments, no offense, and were able to enjoy the little things and your claim to life was not so high. To be able to enjoy the small is the art and the most important to carry it through life. It is very important to expect nothing, because when expectations are not met, the person falls into despair. Express expectations, dont expect anything from what is happening and you will only be happy in the future. Remember that failure gives way to success, it is natural and there is nothing to worry, if the opposite is true. Take your apathetic state, mourn, and then vstretites and move on with a smile through life. There is such a thing as an internal smile. Smile soul, and you will be happy, and others will read your smile. Treat your failure as a regular part of your life and believe in yourself. Tell yourself: I can do everything, will overcome laziness and do what’s expected of me. You first of all prove yourself that you have the will and inner strength.

Set a goal, to start a minor, then the Grand. As the minor goals, you will advance further and feel sure of the man. Confidence will give you strength, activity and you’ll realize that you are on the right track. Your life will not be a place of laziness, since the activity will push you to action. You want to win and double all of your accomplishments. Displays pride in yourself and others will notice your changes. The most important thing is not to stop and keep moving towards their goals. Perhaps as you progress towards your goals will need to adjust the plan of action.

Apathy treatment

Treatment of apathy include psychostimulants nervous activity. However, all therapeutic measures is made by the doctor. It is important to note also the appropriateness of non-specific treatments that improve mood and relieve lethargic, sluggish and drowsy. Follow the regime of work, rest, exercise, avoid bad communication and alcohol, get yourself a hobby.

The first time you need to make the effort to apathetic withdrawal signs, and later the state normal, and the joy of life will return. Often people are not able to accept the apathy and present to his excessive demands. To live by the principle “never without respite” is not correct. It is important to plan every day, not overloading it. Limit yourself to what is really necessary. Listen to your body and take most of the weekend.

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