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Appendicitis in a child

There is a very dangerous misconception that acute appendicitis children are not threatened. Actually it can occur even in newborns. Often appendicitis in children develops due to reduced immunity. Weakened body could not withstand the attack of viruses, the infection enters the vermiform process and causes the inflammation.

Various diseases ( angina, respiratory infection, otitis media, and so on ) can also contribute to the rapid development of acute appendicitis in children.


As a rule, children become lethargic, lose interest in toys. Baby protects the place where you can feel the pain: legs pressed, lies on its side. When you pick him up, he cries even more.

After several hours, the process can worsen and lead to peritonitis – inflammation of the abdominal cavity. Been sick for a whole stomach, you may experience swelling, there may be a delay of a chair. The temperature sometimes rises to 40C, the pulse quickens, the child becomes pale.

Appendicitis Symptoms and DiagnosisThis condition can develop almost immediately after the first complaints, because the children all proceeds rapidly. So if you have any doubts immediately call an ambulance.


In order to make an accurate diagnosis, the baby will take blood from a finger, research highlight ( don’t forget to save soiled diaper ), and will define the painful area by palpation. For dynamic observation, which lasts from 6 to 12 hours, will require hospitalization.

Then the doctors will decide, need surgery or not. After surgery the little patient will be discharged home after 4-8 days.

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