Apple diet

Apple diet are very popular — and fans of fast ways rapid slimming and fierce critics of the mono-diet. As with most diets, Apple diet has its advantages, its disadvantages, and their contraindications. And before you go to the store for apples, is to thoroughly examine both, and third.

Features of the Apple diet

The Apple diet, like many diets on fruits, belongs to the category of mono-diet — this means that for a certain period of time in the diet remains the one and only product. In our case, apples. And like any mono diet for weight loss, it has the strict restriction on time. It is believed that for the beginning it is advisable to use Apple diet only as fasting days. To arrange such fasting days should not more often than once in two weeks. Later, if Apple days your body is user-friendly (i.e. does not occur in the stomach pain, diarrhea or General weakness), Apple diet can stretch in time, but not more than 3-4 days. Whatever advise you girlfriends or the many publications devoted to slimming diets, you need to know — any mono-diet, stretched in time, actually turns in Russian roulette: risk and danger in her more than hope for healthy weight loss and rejuvenation.

Features of the Apple dietFew people know, but Apple diet apples can be eaten not only in raw form. On the contrary, nutritionists advise not to eat apples as they are, and make them puree. Also apples can be baked in the oven. Yet another widespread belief should be dispelled: in the day you can eat apples “as much as you want”, and not more than 1.5 kg. Despite the fact that Apple diet is really very effective (in 3 days you can lose up to 2.5 — 3 kg of excess weight), easy, and it can not be called. The fact is that apples stimulate appetite, overcome get far at all. If you will be difficult to cope with the surging appetite, it makes sense to switch to Apple diet the tomato diet. And nevertheless from all the other mono-diet, which is used for ladies rapid weight loss Apple and one of the best. As a minimum, because apples are considered the most useful product from all other available fruits.

Quick diet: water and apples

The basis of Apple weight loss diet, as the name implies, are apples. Apply 1.5 kg of apples so to eat them in 3-4 reception, the last of which must be not later than eight o’clock in the evening. Morning start with two cups of warm water, and half an hour later may eat the first Apple. Throughout the day drink about 2 liters of water. If the willpower you have enough, at the time of the diet discard any soft drinks — e.g. tea, coffee, drink only water. Returning to the question of choice of apples, it is worth mentioning that Apple diet it is best to take domestic apples, i.e. those that are not coated with wax (which cover the fruit before long distance transport). Otherwise, during the diet you will eat large amount of this wax, and it contains paraffin, which destroy liver cells.

Contraindications to Apple diet

The Apple diet has its contraindications. Given that Apple juice is pretty aggressive irritant on the stomach, the Apple diet is not recommended for people with problems of the gastrointestinal tract, and especially — with gastritis, ulcers and other serious ailments. Also “sit” on the Apple diet is not necessary, there is increased acidity in the stomach. And finally: do not rely that the Apple diet will help you really lose weight and transform, if you do not like or eat apples. For a long time already it is noticed when a woman or girl to “sit” on a diet, like hard labor, no positive result she gets. Conversely, when you lose weight in a fun, effect surpasses the most daring dreams.

The most experienced and respected nutritionists — opponents of the mono-diet as such. Those who are particularly stubborn in their desire to lose weight on a strict mono-diet, they advise: if you have decided on a three-day Apple Express-weight loss, in the interests of their own health intake of apples should be alternated with taking a small amount of protein, and animal(chicken, lean fish, light cheese, eggs). Small means not more than 100 g per day. Lose weight with pleasure, achieve the desired effect, but the main thing — take care of health. Because then no diet will not restore.

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