Atkins diet

The Atkins Diet also known as the Hollywood diet. thanks to the Atkins diet, is in great shape today there are many stars of American cinema and show business. But it is believed that the secret to slimming the diet of Dr. Atkins is in the power supply system, which can not be considered 100% safe for human body. How to lose weight and not harm your health, an issue that concerns everyone today.

According to the diet Robert Atkins to lose weight, you must reduce the amount of dietary carbohydrates. Because the unspent energy of carbohydrates, the body makes fat stores. By and large the Atkins diet can be called a complete opposite of the carbohydrate diet.

The diet of Dr. Atkins is a four phase diet, each stage of which must be observed very strictly.

Atkins Diet – period 1

Pros and cons of diet Dr. AtkinsIt lasts 14 days and is aimed at changing the chemical reactions in the body. During this period the number of carbohydrates consumed per day is reduced to 20 grams, which is very little. It is because of the arising carbohydrate deficit normal process of metabolism, and is replaced with the process of ketosis. The process of ketosis leads to the fact that human blood is produced is not enough glucose to generate insulin. Since this reaction is disturbed, metabolic processes in the body are rebuilt, and for energy the body begins to use fat cells accumulated earlier.

In the period of the first phase is necessary 4-5 times a day in small portions, and between meals should not take more than 6 hours. Monitor the caloric intake is not necessary, but overeating is not necessary. The main thing in the Atkins diet, to the amount of carbohydrates consumed was not more than 20 grams per day. Hunger you will not attend, because protein food is digested by the body much slower than carbohydrate, so the feeling of satiety lasts longer.

During this period, we must abandon bread and other flour-based products, from vegetables containing starch. Not eating nuts and seeds. Also avoid food and drinks containing caffeine. You should drink at least 2 litres of still water a day.

Atkins Diet – period 2

You increase the carbohydrate intake by 5 grams per week, as long as I continue to lose weight. If you increased the amount of carbohydrates and has noticed that your weight ceases to decline, then the process of ketosis has stopped. Therefore, if you continue to further increase carbohydrate intake, your weight will either stabilize or start to grow. Thus, you determined the critical value valid on the day of carbs, which increase their food if you don’t want to return the dropped pounds.

For each value of carbohydrates consumed per day will be individually. Some can eat up to 100 grams of carbohydrates a day, while others will start to gain weight when excess of 30 grams. Therefore, carefully increasing the amount of carbohydrates and closely monitor the change in weight, you will find its value. The duration of this phase of the diet Dr. Atkins depends on how much time you will spend to achieve the desired weight.

Atkins Diet – period 3

You increase the amount of carbohydrates by 10 grams every week. Do it gradually, adding a little carbohydrate foods in the diet. The slower you do it, the higher level of carbohydrates you get. Thus, will be able to consume this amount of carbohydrate and to keep your weight at that level.

According to the rules of the Atkins diet when you will be adding carbohydrate foods in one meal, it is important to add no more than one. And, of course, it doesn’t have to be “fast” carbohydrates. If you are at this stage still gained extra pounds, despite all the requirements, go back to step number two.

Atkins Diet – period 4

Designed to maintain benefits for the longest time. Because efforts will be in vain, if after a couple of months weight loss will return. You can increase the carbohydrates, but watch your weight, as soon as he starts to rise, immediately lowering the quantity of carbohydrate food in the diet. This phase of the Atkins diet are designed to maintain a constant weight. Therefore, the carbohydrates in the diet should be only helpful. No sweets, fried potatoes or crisps. Eliminate from the diet foods that adversely affect health.

Pros and cons of diet Dr. Atkins

Pros of diet Dr. Atkins
The main plus of the Atkins diet is that the process of losing weight happens gradually, and you will learn to control it. And of course you will not feel strong hunger, because the allowed protein foods in sufficient quantity, and digest it slowly. You don’t need to give up cheese, milk, meat, cottage cheese. It is equally unlikely that a man who has gone such a long way, adhering to the Atkins diet, will break, and abruptly gain back dropped pounds. Because now he already knows all the processes occurring in his body, and maybe to influence them, through diet control.

As the Atkins diet good what losing weight, for example, with a weight of 120 kg to 65 kg, your muscles will become flabby and the skin will not be stretched and hanging. Indeed, the high protein content of the Atkins diet is one of the pluses that allows you to maintain your muscle mass of the person. Following this type of diet, you will learn how to choose healthy food for the body, limit intake of fats and carbohydrates. Thus your diet will be the prevention of many health problems in the future. For example, one of the advantages of the diet of Dr. Atkins is to reduce the likelihood of heart disease and diabetes.

Cons of diet Dr. Atkins
Today there has been much discussion about the cons of the diet of Dr. Atkins. Some doctors say about the dangerous health effects of people who stick with it. The Atkins diet leads to dehydration, because carbs retain water. So people with a predisposition can develop kidney disease. Before you begin the Atkins diet, you need to be examined, namely, to pass tests on the indications of the liver and kidneys. Since there are cases when people did not know about the hidden diseases of the liver, and himself, appointing a diet, provoked the failure of these vital organs.

Low-carbohydrate diet can lead to reduced brain activity. After all, the brain needs food in the form of glucose. As with the Atkins diet you may experience General weakness, increased irritability, even vomiting after meals, and appear painful sensations in the GI tract, because the more protein foods are heavy to digest. And there is another danger — dehydration. So, it is important not to forget to drink at least half liter of water daily.

Also due to the unbalanced diet and deficiency of carbohydrates in it, some people can suffer from constipation, because the required number of fibers and fiber does not come with food. Therefore, it is important to refill the missing amount of nutrients, and deficiency of vitamins and minerals with bio-additives and vitamins.

Another unpleasant aspect may be the deficiency of calcium in the body, and as a consequence the occurrence of diseases such as osteoporosis. It is important to take calcium during the diet of Dr. Atkins. Just watch the indicators of the level of cholesterol in the blood, it may increase, due to the fact that protein foods usually contain large amounts of saturated fats. That can badly affect the condition of vessels.

Atkins Diet menu phase

  • Atkins Diet menuBreakfast during the first phase: an Omelet of three eggs, salmon, tea or coffee without sugar.
  • the Second Breakfast: low fat yogurt with the addition of flakes from oats, no more than 70 grams.
  • Lunch for the first phase: Boiled veal or beef, or chicken Breasts baked in the oven.
  • afternoon Snack: a Dish of fish or seafood.
  • Dinner: steamed Salmon, yogurt 0% fat yogurt dessert low-fat.

The menu for the second and third phase is built the same, only added carbohydrate foods by 5 grams per week for the second phase, and 10 grams more a week for a third stage, in accordance with the rules of the Atkins diet.

Thus, despite good noticeable results in weight loss in the diet, Dr. Atkins, it is important to remember that it has pros and cons, and contraindications. Before you start losing weight on Atkins complete medical check-up, so as not to trigger the development of diseases you may not even suspect. And of course, you need to remember that the body’s reaction to every diet always individual.

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