Dermatology - diseases of the skin

Atrophy of the skin (hole, indentation on the skin)

Atrophy – the indentation in the skin resulting from thinning of the epidermis or dermis.

Atrophy of the skin occurs in the following diseases:

  • Aging skin
  • Dermatomyositis (acquired connective tissue disease that is characterized by muscle weakness, skin rashes)
  • Discoid lupus ox chunk
  • Versicolor sclerotic and atrophic(a rare disease that affects the skin and mucous membranes; the reason of occurrence is unknown)
  • Limited scleroderma
  • necrobiosis lipoidica di emeticeski( cutaneous manifestations in diabetes mellitus)
  • Treatment of atrophy of the skinRadiation dermatitis
  • Striae (atrophic band tension)
  • Reaction to the meds (topical and vnutriochagovom steroids)

For diagnosis and treatment need to consult a physician:

  • dermatologist
  • allergist (for allergic diseases)
  • the surgeon (purulent carbuncle, furuncle, etc., especially when multiple items or large)
  • infectious disease (infectious diseases)
  • neurologist (with herpes zoster because of the involved nervous system)
  • oncologist (cancer)

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