Autumn Diet

How to help the body cope with autumn depression? We all know that autumn is a difficult time for the body. Summer, with warm days behind us, on the street noticeably colder, and now more than ever, the body needs strength in order to actively resist the virus. But where these forces take, especially that grey and rainy weather brings discouragement and apathy? Do not despair and run to the pharmacy for vitamins and antidepressants. No “Autumn depression” and “Autumn of beriberi” if you eat right.

Proper nutrition in the autumn is a healthy food and reasonable approach to the selection of products (with an eye to the natural needs of the body during this period). It will make your autumn is no less pleasant time of year than the summer, will help to avoid autumn of beriberi.

In autumn, our body reacts to changes in temperature and begins to actively prepare for the winter “hibernation”, i.e. to stock up on fat and calories. As a result, we begin to abuse heavy, fatty foods that not only leads to a drastic gaining weight, but does a real impact on the body is excessive fats lead to increased cholesterol levels, which in turn is extremely harmful for the heart. Besides, after the “easy” summer diet, abrupt change of food can result in serious stress to the body. Another common error of the food autumn associated with excess sugar: we “ate” Sino-us depression is a huge amount of sweet. All this together can negate all the benefits of fresh fruit and vegetables that we received over the summer. All this can be easily avoided, if you follow some simple rules of proper nutrition in the autumn.

Rule 1: More berries, vegetables and fruits

The berries, fresh or frozen, contains many useful substances that can strengthen immunity and provide the body with essential support in the fight against diseases. Berries are also full of the whole complex of vitamins (A,C,B,B1), as required during the autumn of beriberi. Many berries (mountain ash, buckthorn, etc.) ripen in autumn, so you will not have problems with their search and storage. One Cup fresh or frozen berries a day will be enough to keep the body the right amount needed for good health vitamins. You can also consume berry juices, infusions or jam.

In addition to berries, autumn rich in fruits – apples, pears, grapes, melons. It is the fruit can be a wonderful substitute for chocolate and cakes, which we begin to consume in large quantities to lighten the mood. In order not to harm the body and do not supersaturate it with sugar, replace the candy in a couple of slices of melon or a branch of grapes. Fun will get the same, but instead of harmful sugar – vitamins and other nutrients.

One of the useful vegetables in the diet in the fall is potato. Cooked in their jackets, without adding the sauce, he will not add you extra pounds, but perfectly cope with the increasing with the advent of autumn, hunger. The potatoes are also high in potassium and vitamin C.

Rule 2: Do not overeat and follow the diet

If you fall, your body requires much more food than in summer (naturally), pay special attention to diet: now more than ever, you need to eat on time! Meals should be regular, but moderate, should not eat. It is important to remember that one of the most important meals is Breakfast, should not be neglected. Don’t fill up before sleeping (last meal should be not later than 4 hours before bedtime), avoid, if possible, from the diet of fatty foods. In the fall, we more than ever want to eat. Often it is a result of the fact that we, quite simply, cold. Wrap up warm, going outside, and instead eat, have a Cup of hot coffee or tea. The body will warm up and, quite possibly, hunger will no longer torment you.

Rule 3: Learn to replace harmful products

If your body still requires fat food so fats he needs to prepare for winter. In this case, it is best to include in the diet fish dishes or make a salad oil. Vegetable fats are more healthy than animals, they cause less damage and faster to digest. Perfect solution to power in the autumn period can be a variety of soups (preferably vegetable) – they will warm you and effectively cope with the feeling of hunger.

Thus, giving your food a little more attention than usual, you not only eliminate the sudden weight gain that often occurs during cold weather, as we need more energy), but will also help the body prepare for winter. To eat to be more frequent than in summer, but in the Foundation of your diet should lie of vegetables, fruits and berries rich in vitamins and minerals. Eat more soups and hot drinks – this will help you not to freeze. These simple rules will help you to establish your meals in the fall and avoid autumn vitamin deficiency, viral diseases and just in a bad mood.

Helpful tips about proper nutrition fall

Almost all of us have the impression that the fall appears increased appetite. What can be the reason?

As a rule, in the cold season, we do eat more high-calorie and nutritious foods. In this way our body is preparing for winter. Although we are not bears and do not have to store fat for the winter hibernation, climate and time of year have an impact on our energy needs. If we are cold, we dressed and are in a badly heated room, we, of course, willingly consumed more high-calorie foods to replenish the missing energy.

Can I somehow prevent the recruitment of extra calories? For example, to go on a strict diet?

Energy exchange – individual trait of every person. Some may eat a lot and to burn all others should limit their consumption of calories, if you want to maintain weight or achieve the desired.

The people who repeatedly used a different hard diet for weight loss, greatly limiting the body’s energy needs, usually have a lot of problems. Because their metabolic processes are more on the accumulation of energy and not on its consumption.

Can I lose weight in autumn?

This should be done cautiously. In principle, any organism tends to a certain constant weight, which may vary in different periods of life. However, if someone sustains long-term excess body weight, that is, doing it for themselves the norm, then it is very difficult to reduce this level.

That’s why it’s so important to lose weight not too quickly, keeping the reduced weight for a long time. In this case works in the following principle: if you for three months, has lost, say, six pounds, this weight must be kept at the same level for six months. Help simple calculations: the weight loss is multiplied by two. This is the period during which the body becomes accustomed to the reduced weight.

How can you prevent an increased appetite and limit yourself to high-calorie food?

If we are cold and we are hungry, it is necessary to dress warmly or take a warm bath. Hard to move and, strangely enough, there is more. But the food should be low in calories. It is also good to drink warm skim milk. All this will allow us to warm up and satisfy hunger.

But if not leave a distinct desire to eat more fatty foods?

So the body it is needed. In this case it is better to stay on oily fish or dishes with vegetable oil. For the metabolic processes this kind of fat is more useful than animal.

What to do if there is a feeling that low-calorie food “warming”?

Every person with overweight should be happy, experiencing a sense of cold. This is proof that he was losing calories and draws its energy from its own resources.

But if feeling cold is very bothering, it is possible to get out of the situation, remembering the soups. We can recommend this dish and from the point of view of weight loss, although there is a perception that soups increase weight faster than other dishes. This is not so. Soups are useful and those who lose weight. But only under the condition that they do not add the sour cream and do not tuck them in flour fried.

Especially good warm, but not hot soups containing lots of vegetables, including potatoes. But remember that soups should not be too salty. It is known that salt prevents weight loss, holding water in the body. Therefore it is better to fill the soups seasonings from herbs and avoid adding salt.

What other foods “safe” for those who keep a shape or lose weight in autumn?

Very useful at this time, the potatoes. Do not be afraid that it makes you pudgy. The weight of the body increases not the potatoes, and the various supplements thereto. For example, fatty sauces, butter, fried meatballs. Potatoes contain a lot of potassium, vitamin C. Boiled in their jackets potatoes and a small amount of fat-free cottage cheese with addition of dill is a very tasty, nutritious and low-calorie dish. Don’t forget about sauerkraut. It also contains a lot of vitamin C and very few calories.

Important feature: in the fall you must try to eat only warmed food. If we don’t want to get better, you forget about the snacks. If you wish something to eat, you can eat raw carrots, Apple or any fruit. But nothing more! You need to remember that diet for weight loss should be the model of proper nutrition. It should include all the valuable and affordable products in the required quantity. If we lose weight, they should be less, if we supported your weight at the same level, their number must correspond to the energy consumed.

Autumn is a period of depression. Is it possible to prevent it through diet?

When there is a pouring rain, getting dark early, we sit at the TV and improve your mood with sweets. And then wonder what the spring would be difficult for us to wear summer clothes.

The fact that in autumn many of us reduced the body content of serotonin. And we are willing to begin to consume foods that contain sugar which may increase the level of serotonin in the body. Then we experience a temporary improvement in mood, without adding weight. Therefore it is better to consciously limit yourself to sweets. Gymnastics and walks in the fresh air is much more effectively fix the mood, and the additional benefits of this will also be evident.

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