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Essential Autumn Vitamins

Common opinion: in the summer and autumn of vitamins your body needs and the deficiency, i.e., lack of vitamins, starts in winter and becomes aggravated in the spring. The realities of modern life, when the stores all year round you can buy fresh fruits and vegetables, including exotic ones, is not entirely true. To take vitamin complexes or not? If so, does it make a difference what to drink vitamins in the fall and winter?

Natural Autumn Vitamins

To saturate the organism with necessary vitamins should be taken 400 grams, and more fruits and vegetables in raw form. To eat in the fall is necessary and the traditional apples and tomatoes, and cucumbers, and sweet peppers, and squash, and zucchini, and, of course, the cabbage of different types.

Vitamin C

Constantly is essential for humans, in large quantities contained in pepper, cabbage, and in fresh and pickled.

vitamin A

Its a lot of carrot juice. By the way, there he was, much more than in the vegetable. And it is known to prevent the formation of tumors, making better the color of the skin, and indeed strengthens and supports the tone of the human body.

Vitamin E

Widely known antioxidant properties. Its completion requires a constant, because it has no possibility of accumulation. Here’s the best help usual apples and freshly squeezed Apple juice and blackberries.

Vitamin B

It is abundant in legumes, potatoes, cabbage. Using them in the fall, you will be able to strengthen the immune system, improve mental skills.

Vitamin D

Its accumulation requires special attention. In winter and autumn the natural way to do this is not easy, because it is produced under the influence of sunlight. If this vitamin is not enough, it is fraught with fragility of the bones, nervousness and even depression. Take time for walks on Sunny days, accumulating vitamin D in the body.

Do not forget about the micronutrients, which are also vital to people. Potassium and copper, for example, you can replenish by eating cabbages and pumpkins. Dishes are delicious, filling and healthy.

Vitamins for: Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring

Best Vitamin-Mineral Complexes for Autumn

What vitamins to take in the fall to better provide the body with necessary micro-elements. Here comes to the aid of the use of vitamin-mineral complexes.

Taking these drugs, remember that vitamins cannot be taken continuously for a long time. We should not forget that before you all drugs. Without medical advice one course is taken with a break of six months or a year.

Here are the most effective and healthy vitamin complexes, which can be taken of the health fall.


In its composition it has 17 minerals and 14 vitamins. It is very important that this complex helps the body to fight colds that start to “attack” a person’s fall. Prolongs active longevity and strengthen the immune system after fifty “Vitrum century”. But the beauty, health and youthfulness at any time of the year will be supported by “Vitrum beauty”, because this complex can best contribute to the normal metabolism, strengthen the nails and hair, healthier skin.


This combination drug, which contains the required minerals and vitamins. So, in its composition vitamins a, C helps increase body resistance during the “attacks” of various infections. Should I remind you that this is very important in the fall. Normal heart activity ensures that the magnesium, the metabolic processes in the body regulates copper, etc. Specially designed complex “Multitabs baby” in the form of sweet drops for infants and “Multitabs the kid” in the form of chewing candy.


This drug also has various complexes. It is important that it is designed taking into consideration the specific features of the power. Minerals and vitamins are found in a single pill for ease of use.

Don’t forget to take vitamin-mineral complex even with the most highly recommended only after consultation with the doctor. Self-administration of vitamins can lead to allergies, and hypervitaminosis, which is certainly dangerous to health.

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