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Baby coughing at night during sleep

When children start to hurt, even the most harmless cough can cause parents anxiety. Especially scares mom cough in child at night. All day long the baby is healthy, but at night he starts coughing.

If night after night your child has coughing fits, to leave a situation without change is impossible. Your task is to find the cause of night coughing and fix it. Of course, without the help of experts here rarely do.

Child coughs at night – causes

Let’s start with the fact that any cough suggests that the body with something struggling. Because the cough itself does not occur without cause (not to be confused with coughing), it is always a symptom of a certain disease. And that is very important to know the young parents: treat need not cough, and caused his illness.

Most often, the child begins to cough in viral diseases, and the effects on the body some of the allergen. Let’s all in order.

Child coughs at night - causesIf you notice that is the kid to go to bed, the coughing resumed, it is possible that this allergic reaction. what can be? Look for the cause in the bed: feather or sheepskin pillow with blanket, allergenic stuffing in the mattress or the fabric on the sofa, bed or pajama poor quality linen, poor powder. Remember, not whether You bought anything new lately? Maybe You started to wash clothes and clothes with a new detergent?

Maybe hanging beside some “suspicious” blinds or stands recently painted bedside table, smelling of paint. If the cough with watery eyes or swelling of the mucous membranes, it is almost certain Your baby has an Allergy.

More often the cough in child at night is caused by viral diseases. Almost always of SARS in children is accompanied by a cough. And almost always at night it escalates, which is quite logical: in the supine position, mucus accumulates and is not coming off, dry the air in the room irritate the child, blocked nose forces the patient to breathe through the mouth that leads to increased cough at night. Because in order to remove phlegm with the same efficiency as during the day, at night, the child is forced to cough more often. A similar pattern can be observed also in case of sinusitis, rhinitis, adenoiditis, and pharyngitis in children.

But if the child is coughing only or mainly at night, it is quite another matter. Such a cough may indicate the development of the child pertussis or asthma. as well As becoming a reaction to the pertussis component of DTP vaccine.

On whooping cough indicates a dry painful cough, ending in vomiting, in which the child’s face is red, the tongue protrudes, the breath is clearly bugged the whistle and noise. In bronchial asthma are observed whistling breaths, and cough becomes aggravated towards morning, when asthma attacks happen. In this case, the cough can also worsen during exercise, although in children of asthmatic cough can occur without any additional symptoms. If the child often suffers from bronchitis and you have a family has relatives with asthma, it is necessary to show the kid to the allergist. State data threat and quickly progress, if not start timely the correct treatment.

Gastroesophageal reflux can also cause cough in child at night. To suspect the disease is easier in older children, because they usually complain of heartburn.

Night cough in child may be caused by cuttingteeth. The kid just starts to choke on saliva and cough. If a baby is teething – you should put the baby to sleep on side or something to put under the baby mattress so that the head was above the trunk.

Cough at night the child can be the result of dry air in the nursery. This problem can be eliminated with the help of its moisture. You can use the means at hand: to put on the battery wet towel, put water containers. Or buy a humidifier.

How to treat night cough in child?

Coughing at night the child must see a doctor. It is necessary to establish the cause of the cough at night. He will advise You how best to behave in a given situation.

If cough in child at night dry and difficult to cough – the doctor may prescribe expectorants drugs.

If the child coughs at night, you can use a simple but effective method that will help you cope with this problem. (Of course, if the cough is not caused by more serious reasons).

Cook a few unpeeled potato. Let cool slightly, then place them in celofanova the package and mash. Back put baby linen, then the potato compress on top something wrap, to longer warmed, and lock.

If you did everything right, a few hours, the potatoes will warm the baby’s back and respiratory system. Notice immediately that he is coughing much less. Night, cold, all this can be removed.

Repeat the procedure for several nights.

Cough at night what to do:

  • How to treat night cough in childbefore bedtime Ventilate the room in which the child will sleep.
  • Do wet cleaning during the day and before bedtime.
  • Additionally moisturize the air in the room.
  • Give your baby plenty to drink throughout the day. Best – vitamin fruit drinks, warm decoction of rosehip tea.
  • Make sure that the spout could breathe at night: rinse with saline solution and get the child to blow his nose.
  • To facilitate the attack of dry cough will help inhalation, but do not perform this procedure for children under 6 months of age.
  • If the child is plagued by a painful dry cough at night as a sign of ARI, give him cough medicine.

What exactly you cannot do is to treat baby cough antibiotics. Do not give cough medicines to a child in a wet cough and in any case do not treat dry coughs expectorant. Be very careful with rubbing small children. Do not give them any antihistamines without medical advice. And to facilitate the baby sleep more often change the position of his body in his sleep.

If the child coughs at night for a long period of time and all your efforts will not bring him relief, immediately consult your doctor to determine the cause of night cough and eliminate it.

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