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Baby Coughing At Night While Teething

When children have cold, they often cough at night due to trickling down of mucus along the back of the throat. Your child’s cough isn’t serious if he is eating, drinking, breathing and feeding normally. If the cough gets worse at night and stays for longer periods of time, or it increases with any form of physical activity; then your child may be suffering from an acute attack of asthma. Some kids also face wheezing and difficulty in breathing during an asthma attack. Therefore symptoms like baby coughing at night should be addressed on emergent basis.

Baby Coughing At Night – Teething

When a child is around 6 or 7 months, his teething starts, in which most babies produce increased salivary secretions. Most of the saliva escapes as drool but some may fall on the back of baby’s throat. So the child may face teething cough (as a reflex mechanism to clear his/her throat).

When new parents hear their baby coughing at night, its normal for them to get concerned but most cases of cough are harmless and natural. Parents should know that normal and teething cough is transient, and soft in intensity (without any signs of heaving and barking like sounds, which are symptoms of more serious complications).

A Cough – is a symptom of teething starts?

Cough during teething is not a frequent symptom. The nature of its manifestation allows to define whether it is a consequence of the disease, or is caused by the formation of new teeth.

Wet cough during the development of the first teeth in children, caused by excessive drooling, usually goes away after 2-3 days and eliminates the need for any special treatment. Inspect the skin around the mouth of the child is usually irritated because of otharcivatmi of saliva, which indicates a natural origin of the symptom (reflex expectoration) of teething.

If there is frequent cough and runny nose, and shortness of breath and wheezing that persist for more than 2 days, it is necessary to invite the doctor to inspect the child, as the symptoms may indicate disease.

Also, children at this time may experience a dry cough. Most often it occurs after long weeping child due to long-term nasal congestion.


  • Cluster clun in the throat.
  • in an infant can be associated with colds, incurred in connection with a weakened immune system of the baby, when the teeth erupt.
  • Colds and viral diseases.
  • If you have a cough and snot at the same time, then the cause may be irritation of the mucus of the posterior pharyngeal wall, causing a reflex reaction.


First of all, during a strong cough, it is necessary to eliminate pain from teething. To do this, the baby should be encouraged to chew on a chilled teether or massage the gums. If the pain persists, it is advisable to use drugs in the form of gel, ointment, syrup, or rectal suppositories.

For a baby to not tormented night cough in the growth of teeth, it is recommended to wash the nose with a special antibacterial solution from the pharmacy, self-made tools based on salt or medicinal plants. This will avoid dehydration and accumulation of mucus. In addition, according to the doctor’s to hydrate the sinuses may apply a variety of drops/sprays.

Due to the fact that the runny nose and cough can be a consequence of infectious diseases or respiratory diseases. Doctors recommend after the start of formation of baby teeth to ask the pediatrician what immune-boosting drugs can be given to children during this period with the aim of enhancing the protective functions of the organism.

Wondering how to treat a cough during the molars, also, you should remember about simple folk ways. For example, to achieve a natural draining of mucus and saliva on the wall of the larynx without drugs and leaching can be, raising the baby’s head when he is in bed. In addition, it is recommended to offer the child’s favorite drinks and ventilate the room — these measures will lower the likelihood of inflammation and will not allow the sputum to dry up.

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