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Back pain during pregnancy

Since the meeting of sperm and ovum in the woman’s body starts the mechanism, aimed at conducting a tremendous change! Internal organs and systems, appearance and emotional state of the mother is rapidly changing under the influence of these processes. And although the center of attention in this period is the stomach, it is often the culprit of many painful sensations in different parts of the body, including pain in the loins and back. Well there is that women are so wildly back pain?! Let’s find out the causes of these pains.

Causes of back pain during pregnancy

Back pain during pregnancy1. Restretching muscles and hormonal changes. Under the influence of the hormone relaxin fixed pelvic joints and intervertebral ligaments begin to relax and expand. So the body is preparing for the upcoming birth. Unfortunately, these processes cause pain in the pelvis and back. But, fortunately, they usually disappear by the 20th week. In addition, as a result of fetal growth are stretched and weakened and also abdominal muscles. So back muscles begin to work for two that also causes back pain.

2. The imbalance. With increasing time, the center of gravity of the body of a pregnant shifts forward, causing the voltage of the spinal muscles that are not accustomed to this situation.

3. Poor posture. To compensate for the changing center of gravity, the woman starts to push the abdomen forward, keeping the shoulders back. In this position the spine have to bend. And all together it causes back pain.

4. The increase of the uterus. The closer to the birth, the greater the uterus. She starts to put pressure on the nerves and blood vessels surrounding the spine, which is particularly noticeable in the later stages in the supine position. See also : Can pregnant women sleep on your back Pain in the perineum during pregnancy back Pain during pregnancy Pain in early pregnancy When the belly starts to grow during pregnancy

5. The increase in body weight is also increasing with the duration of pregnancy. The increase in 8-15 kg exerts significant pressure on the lower back and legs.

6. Prolonged standing or sitting is a significant load on the body, and it responds to this response back pain.

7. High heels also increase the load on the spine. Therefore it is better to refuse them for this period.

8. Problems with the musculoskeletal system in the past is likely to cause lumbar pain. Curvature of the spine, hernia, sciatica, low back pain, weak development of the hip muscles include you in the risk group and require constant medical supervision.

Typically, back pain appear in the second trimester of pregnancy, that is, from the fifth month. Although some of them can let you know abWhy back pain during pregnancyout myself much earlier. First of all, this applies to women who are forced to sit in one position throughout the working day. This pain is mainly a dull, aching and stronger when you try to stand up.

Shortly before giving birth, the pain may increase due to the pressure head of the baby at the bottom of the spine. In addition, the body begins to conduct “pain exercises” before the birth, which some women feel very badly, others and did not notice. Prenatal pain is very characteristic: the abdominal wall is suddenly in addition to your will is strained and becomes noticeably firmer to the touch than usual. This phenomenon appears especially often when you exert physical effort, have an orgasm or sad and angry, but sometimes for no apparent reason. If then your stomach again becomes soft, then you have no reason to worry.

Back pain in late pregnancy indicates a critical condition in the case when the cervix is shortened, and uterine cervix begins to open. To relieve or soothe pain in the back, you must follow certain guidelines. Rarely spinal pain requires medical treatment. About that if necessary you will tell your gynecologist.

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