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Back pain in children

Back Pain in children most often concentrated in the lower part of the back. This condition often occurs in young children but is more common among adolescents, particularly among those who exercise. Pain in the lower back may appear like immediately after considerable stress and a few hours after them. It can be constant or come in nature. In its intensity pain can be both weak and so strong that the child can not move.

Causes and treatment of back pain in children:

The most common causes of pain in the lower back in children are strain muscles as a result of intense physical effort; stretching the back as a result of sudden twisting movements, especially in sports and muscle spasms caused by injuries during a long stay in an uncomfortable position (watching TV, computer games), received in car accidents.

Causes and treatment of back pain in childrenThe cause of low back pain can either be too soft mattresses, and poor posture. From muscle strain and back pain most often affects children, lifting heavy objects or obese children who are significantly more body weight than other adolescents. A sharp pain and an increased sensitivity of the muscles near the shoulders and neck can also cause stress.

Pain in the lower back in children may be caused by inflammation of the bladder or kidney disease and kidney stones, however, in children they occur infrequently. Pain in the lower back can complain children, suffering from influenza. Adolescent girls may experience back pain during menstruation or immediately before them. However, all of these States are not of a serious nature.

Most other causes of back pain associated with various disorders of the skeleton or muscles. Teenagers involved in sports, quite often there are fractures associated with excessive stress. There are dislocations resulting from sports or other injuries (e.g. accidents). In the latter two cases, the child should immediately be taken to a doctor.

Painful injuries can be the result of a child falling on the coccyx, although such injuries are rarely serious.

Among the rare causes of back pain in children may include cysts of the spine, arthritis, fractures of the spine or offset discs, nerve disorders, abnormalities of the hip joint or spine related to child development, the distinction in leg length, spinal disease and leukemia. Spinal tumors are rare, but quite often identified as painful scoliosis, often coupled with low muscle tone.

Rare causes of back pain in children linked to juvenile spondylitis and osteochondropathy spine disease (Scheuermann-Mau), this disease affects mostly boys.

Other causes of back pain in children:

  • Psychogenic.
  • Osteochondropathy and intervertebral hernia.
  • Spondylolysis / spondylolisthesis and dysplastic spondylopathy.
  • Juvenile spondyloarthropathies.
  • Infection: (intervertebral disks, vertebral body (osteomyelitis, tuberculosis)).
  • Osteoporosis: idiopathic; endocrinopathy; iatrogenic).
  • Neoplastic diseases (spinal cord; bone and cartilage structures and ligaments; metastatic).
  • Hematologic disease (sickle cell anemia, hereditary speratically anemia).
  • Diseases of internal organs: the projection of pain in diseases, congenital anomalies and tumors of the digestive tract and urogenital system.

If your child has pain in the back, then along with this usually have other problems. To identify these problems easier if in addition to back pain there are other symptoms. If the child urinate frequently, feeling a painful feeling if urine is present in the blood or urine is discolored, and the child has a fever, then perhaps the cause of this condition is an infection of the urinary tract. The child should see a doctor. Among the signals, indicating the presence of serious problems include low tone of the legs, back pain that radiates to one or both legs, lameness. In these cases, the child needs to see a doctor.

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