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Bath during menstruation

Is it possible to take a bath during menstruation? Answers to this question have come to believe that menses is not a disease and why should I yourself in something to limit the” breaking the usual lifestyle. But still, limitations are everywhere and during your period this should be treated with special care so as not to harm their future motherhood. If you ask the doctor, his answer would be – undesirable.

Why not take a bath during menstruation

During menstruation it is best to limit water treatments such as: bath, bathing, bathing in the sea or other bodies of water. Since the vagina at this time the most vulnerable and open. During this period, leaves the mucous plug from the cervix due to the increase of the channel that promotes penetration into the uterus of various infections and diseases which may lead to menstrual disorders and various problems associated with menstruation and conception, as well as endometritis.

Contraindications to bathing during menses

  • Bath and sauna in the critical days is contraindicated. The main reason not to go to the bath, this thermal effect, which is dangerous, that can cause overheating of the organism and this will increase menstrual bleeding. And it is fraught with dizziness and loss of consciousness.
  • Is it Possible during menstruation to go to the pool? This is not worth it. The reasons are simple: the pool Water is chlorinated and may cause irritation or allergic reaction, and this trust is very unpleasant. Also the pool water is cool, which can lead to inflammation. Swimming requires a lot of effort and causes fatigue, that in the critical days is contraindicated. Well, the most striking reason is not worth period to go to the pool these sensors may work at the microscopic presence of blood to stain the water, it will put you in an uncomfortable situation. Seawater contains much salt can lead to irritation and contact with germs and bacteria.
  • Is it Possible to take a bath during menstruation? Important: in case of any pains and ailments with a Your period bath is contraindicated! Causes: contact with the vagina of germs, infections, irritation, high temperature water may experience heavy bleeding, in consequence of which the pressure drops and leads to a General deterioration of the body.
  • Is it Possible to swim during menstruation? It is undesirable to swim in the open water. Regardless of their purity remains a considerable risk of catching the infection. This is especially true of ponds with stagnant water. Also swimming in open water or in swimming pools in the critical days, be careful: traces of blood can be on the body or bathing suit. It will be immediately noticeable.
  • But mandatory, the perfect and hygienic, everyday will help you take a shower. In a month it should be taken several times a day as it is the best means to cleanse and prevents the spread of harmful bacteria, which can lead to various diseases (such as thrush). Shower should be taken at a temperature of not more than 39 degrees Celsius, otherwise the high temperature may open excessive bleeding. Even a shower helps to relieve severe pain — if you hold the shower head from the bottom up, it helps to improve blood circulation.
Any bathing during menstruation requires caution and need some time to think before you get in the water, where you have bathed a lot of people. Remember that pads or tampons will not protect you from getting water into the vagina. Avoid overheating or hypothermia in the critical days. Totally abstain from extreme heats, visiting the baths or saunas. It will take only a few days, and you will be able to swim, dive, walk to the pool, bath or sauna, without exposing the body to stress!
How to take a bath during menstruation

If you do decide to Your period not to limit themselves and not to disrupt their plans because of a few drops of blood, which can bring forth all sorts of problems, it is necessary to abide by the rules:

  • How to take a bath during menstruationAlways use tampons, so as not to contaminate open blood vessels. Change them when the swelling. The duration of intake procedures is limited to ten minutes: during this period, the swab is completely wet. Tampons can use virgin, they have special tampons so-called mini.
  • In a bath for getting relaxing, disinfectant or analgesic effects you can add medicinal plants: suitable chamomile, sage, wild rose; also for disinfection using potassium permanganate.
  • After each bath, take a shower or to wash, you can still do the washing (douching) the vagina with an antiseptic, which would have to be completely confident in the safety of your health. You should consult with your doctor, as not everyone can afford the procedure with an antiseptic.
  • Be Sure after bathing, wear clean, dry underwear.
  • Very good tool from getting into the vagina germs is a menstrual cap (silicone cup), which fits tightly to the walls of the vagina protecting it and preventing from leakage. This tool is great for all kinds of water treatments. Use it is recommended not more than 6 hours.
  • by the Way, if your trip to the sea coincided with the beginning of menstruation, they can be a little push back. To do this, take oral contraceptives or other hormonal preparations which the doctor will prescribe. Just do not abuse this intervention in the body.

Tips on how to take a bath during menstruation

Question 1. If water Gets into the vagina during a bath during menses?

Response. Yes, water in a small amount of bathing could get into the vagina.
Question 2. Whether the water in the womb during a bath during menses?

Response. During menstruation the cervix is slightly opened to release from the uterine endometrium is sloughed.
Features of the anatomical structure of the internal genital organs of the female are such that the penetration of the liquid in large volumes is very limited.

Yes, water can get into the uterus during menstruation, but in such a small amount that it is not necessary to worry.
Question 3. Is it Harmful ingress of water into internal woman’s genitals when bathing during menstruation?

Response. Water ingress into the sex organs when menstruation is not dangerous if it is short, and if the bath as the water is clean.
Question 4. Is it Possible to wash away the vagina when bathing during menstruation?

Response. The vagina during menses to wash away the can, but very carefully.
Slightly acidic environment in the vagina in natural way protects the internal reproductive organs of women from entering the inside of the infections and pathogens, and water with soap is having on the microflora of destructive action.
Question 5. Protect the tampon from the ingress of water into the vagina when bathing in the bath during menstruation?

Response. Will not protect. A tampon will work in this case like a sponge, absorbing the body falling inside the water.

After bathing in the bathtub swab must be replaced to soaked them water did not cause changes of the microflora of the vagina, and provoked the development of infection.
Question 6. What could be the dangerous consequences of taking a hot bath?

Response. High water temperatures provokes vasodilation. Circulation thus increases, and spotting become more intense, increasing the blood loss of the body.
Question 7. Does taking a hot bath beneficial effect in Your period?

Response. Hot water has a powerful relaxing effect, and also has a very strong analgesic and distracting effect.
Question 8. Is it Possible to take a hot bath during menses?

Response. Yes, in the absence of contraindications, a hot bath during menstruation you can take, but not for long, no more than 7-8 minutes.
Question 9. Can you take not hot, but warm or cool bath during menses?

Response. Yes, warm and cool bath during menses is acceptable.
Question 10. What is the optimum water temperature for bathing during menses?

Response. The water temperature in the bath should not exceed 36-38 degrees.

Warm water will help to relax and reduce pain, but the duration of the bath should be increased.

So, it becomes clear that we should not deny ourselves the pleasure of bathing in a difficult period of critical days. You only have to satisfy the hunger for information about the related myths, and can be a pleasure to indulge in your favorite procedure.

Tip: To enhance the relaxing and analgesic effect can be added to water, aromatic oils and medicinal herbs.

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