Bath during pregnancy

Bath during pregnancy is one of the controversial issues. Some say you can, others not, and still others can not decide. But bath is often not just desirable, and even necessary. This is a surefire way to relieve fatigue, especially with painful legs and back, to relax, to rest and recover. And just to make a nice, in the end, which is also essential during pregnancy. To clarify this question, we need to understand why you can take a bath during pregnancy and why not.

A ban on bath pregnant has existed for many years. Our ancestors knew what to do when pregnancy is impossible. And all your explanations. It was believed that through the water-to-child can get infection and unwanted germs, so being in a bath was considered undesirable. However, modern doctors say that all this is nothing more than superstition, and is, in principle, impossible. To the child through the vagina water with dirt or infection does not fall – it prevents the mucous plug covering the cervix to protect the fetus and anatomical fluid from such effects. But there was a second explanation of the dangers of bath for a pregnant woman: it could provoke a miscarriage. Hot water is often resorted to in cases of abortion at home. And it’s true. In addition to the threat of miscarriage hot tub can lead to disturbances in growth and development of the fetus and placenta accreta. But we are talking about a hot tub.

How to take a bath during pregnancy

If a pregnant woman certainly wants to lie down in the water is quite permissible. You only need to follow some rules when taking bath during pregnancy:

  • Water Temperature should not exceed 36-37 degrees. And better float in the cool water in the bathroom.
  • Upper body (heart area) must protrude out of the water to avoid pressure build-up.
  • Of Arms and legs periodically, you can also put on some water for cooling.
  • Should Not take a bath in the house when no one else is – you may become ill.
  • It is Advisable to spread a rubber Mat to keep from slipping, due to the shifted center of gravity very likely.
  • The Duration should not exceed 10, maximum 15 minutes.
  • If, during bath you will feel any discomfort, immediately stop the procedure.


Another note. Due to the fact that the vaginal flora during pregnancy becomes more sensitive, in order to avoid trouble it is better in the bath to wash off in the shower with all the extra, then to not swim in their own filth.

Gynecologists recommend that you wait out the most dangerous first trimester. In General, if the pregnancy is normal, bath for you is not a ban. Until that moment, until the water breaks, of course. But midwives recommend to give preference to the soul during pregnancy. Moreover, to maintain proper hygiene should take a shower every morning and evening, and the last time more often. Water should be moderately warm, and the water pressure is not strong.

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