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Benefits Of Running In The Morning

Running in the morning has many supporters and many opponents. The arguments on both sides are very convincing. But if there is still no clear answer to the question of whether useful running in the morning, it may be, to some extent, are right both those, and others?

Some believe that the morning running helps to Wake up and charges the body with energy for the whole day, others — that after sleep the blood in the vessels becomes more dense, and because the heart is difficult to disperse it through the body. In part, both statements are true.

Running in the morning – good or bad?

In fact, running in the morning is not contraindicated. But that doesn’t mean you can rush into extremes, and immediately after waking up to torture the body of difficult training.

  • Required warm-up

If you run immediately after waking up, the body will experience serious stress. Every morning should start with a light morning exercise, it develops the joints and accelerates the movement of blood, prepares the body for the upcoming physical activity.

  • You Cannot run on an empty stomach

You can’t run on an empty stomach and after Breakfast. Before the morning required a light meal, after which you must pass at least one hour. At this time you can make a plan of the day, to prepare for the upcoming negotiations, to prepare lunch or dinner, engage in any quiet business.

  • Not to run if quickly appears fatigue

Morning running does not have to be exhausting. To start training is always necessary with a little speed. Beginners and all should start with a walk, and only eventually move on to a run and gradually increase the duration of Jogging.

Daily run only professional runners. The rest of the people should be run 2-4 times a week.

  • To Consider the purpose of the training and your own well-being

If you need running for weight loss, use the “broken tempo”, which consists in sharp acceleration for 1-2 minutes, shifting on the run “trot”. To strengthen the immune system, improving overall health and courage to use the regular sequence of “jog”. Don’t run if you feel yourself not quite well. If you suffer from cardiovascular disease, do not try to run without consulting your cardiologist or physician.

  • Choose a good route for Jogging

Run along the roadway – not a good idea. While Jogging you need to breathe clean air and not exhaust gases. It is best to not run on asphalt, and on the soft trails in the Park.

  • Choose appropriate shoes and clothing

Clothing should be comfortable and match the weather conditions. In sports stores currently have a huge selection of clothing for sports and, in particular, for Jogging. Fabrics from which such clothing is made, give out moisture, protect the body from hypothermia and not get wet.

Sneakers must securely fix the leg, bring the sweat to the outside, to reduce the shock load on the joints.

If you suffer from varicose veins or are at risk of this disease, then you can run only in a special compression hosiery.

The Benefits of morning running

How to benefit from Jogging, understood, but what is useful in her class, said. If you regularly run in the mornings, then eventually going to happen:

  • normalization of weight;
  • the disappearance of cellulite;
  • strengthening of the muscles;
  • increase overall body tone;
  • improve overall health;
  • normalization of metabolism;
  • strengthening the cardiovascular system;
  • training of the respiratory system;
  • improved brain function;
  • development of endurance;
  • increased confidence in their own abilities.


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