Childbirth in the USA

All girls and women of Europe about present, and most even know how to give birth to babies with us. And becomes curious, but how is it done in other countries. For example, in America? It is possible that some mothers prefer to give birth abroad.

How is pregnancy and childbirth in American women?
First, it should be noted that pregnant women conducted in the United States not to familiar high and uncomfortable chair and on the couch with a special footrest. On examination, the doctor commented on his actions and tells in detail about what and how a pregnant woman passes. Like us, expectant mothers weigh, measure the pressure, the volume of the abdomen, take the necessary tests and listen to the heartbeat of the fetus. For the whole pregnancy a woman goes ultrasound three times, the last just before childbirth. 17 week take a blood test for genetic defects of the fetus.

In the United States there is a very cute and touching custom of the woman who’s going to give birth to a baby, happy little party baby shower, which means “shower for the baby.” What is the meaning of such party? We invite all family and friends who give the mother gifts, nice words and good wishes. It helps to focus on the positive birth outcome and cheer up, feeling the love and care of loved ones. An expectant mother is a list of gifts that she required and, thus, gaining your baby layette. Invited guests put it in a box with a gift a gift voucher which will be useful in case you need to exchange an item for another or return the money. And contests, and funny competitions make the evening fun and festive. At this time, the hero of the occasion can discuss disturbing her problems with young and more experienced mothers.

Partnerships childbirth in the U.S. is a very common phenomenon. If a woman gives birth to one, then the doctors may suspect something was wrong in her personal life. At birth does not necessarily present husband. It can be any other relative, and even friends, but traditionally, it is the husband to cut the umbilical cord of the baby.

Postnatal ward has good conditions. She is single, with a special baby cot, TV and comfortable furniture.

Births take place in any position that is convenient for the pregnant – standing, lying down, squatting on the side, on the back. At the same time, the monitoring of the fetal condition. In some maternity wards even stand a Jacuzzi, helping the mother to relax completely.

After birth, the woman and the child transferred to the ward, where she is supervised by nurses and doctors. Write usually in a couple of days if everything is in order.

Great attention is paid to the security system. Children cannot be taken out of the Department without the knowledge of the administration. For discharge from the hospital must provide a car seat! Without it the child will not be discharged, even if the parents do not have a car. The statement parents give a lot of gifts – diapers, clothes, baby food.

And finally, it is important to note that any child born in the United States automatically becomes a citizen of this country.

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