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Blood pressure 100/60

High blood pressure is known to every person who is hurt himself, someone suffers relatives or acquaintances. Every second adult sooner or later faced with a similar problem. But low blood pressure is a rare phenomenon and is more common among young people and a small number of older people. Such a diagnosis, hypotension, set at a pressure below normal by 10-20 mm Hg. That is, blood pressure 100/60, often found in adolescents and young adults, hypotension is already. But in some cases this is the norm, but in some cases low blood pressure – a dangerous symptom of serious health problems.


Symptoms People with this diagnosis rarely measures the pressure and usually about his demotion known by unpleasant symptoms: regular weakness, sudden dizziness, constant sleepiness, sudden trembling of the limbs, headaches, blackouts, etc. Such patients do not feel in a stuffy and cramped spaces, in hot weather, so summer and public transport – for them it is not the most pleasant.

Causes of blood pressure 100/60

Hypotension may occur quickly (a sharp drop in pressure as a result of problems with the heart or in case of incorrect reception of a particular class of drugs) or chronically leaking (continuous and without abrupt changes). This happens in myocardial infarction, various problems with the operation of SS, with a large dosage of the medication reduces the pressure after surgery or after great loss of blood. In such cases, there would be pressure 100 60 or lower.

Hypotension is primary, may be hereditary phenomenon (i.e. low pressure is normal) or is a byproduct of the lifestyle (often found in athletes for which high physical load norm) or secondary (is not a disease, but a terrible symptom of pathological processes in the body). For example, for adolescents and older youth a pressure of 100 to 60 is the norm, the result of not fully formed HS and endocrine systems. Such pressure may persist throughout life. In these cases need no treatment, it is only important to further stimulate the body.

What to do when blood pressure 100/60

When people first learned that his blood pressure is lower than all the others, and furthermore, if the pulse is too lowered, it is necessary to find out how this state is normal for him, and do more dangerous underlying causes of this condition.

What to do when blood pressure 100/60You just have to visit the hospital and conduct research. The visit will be much more effective if, prior to the doctor can be observed by measuring the pressure at home during the day (3-4 times) during the week and more. Thus, it becomes clear how often the patient’s blood pressure is 100/60, is whether it is below or above, in any cases, and after any activity. Next, the doctor must find out the kind and activity of the patient, his lifestyle, nutrition, eliminate the problems with internal organs.

If it is determined that such indicators are the norm for this person, for example, a pressure of 100 to 65, he was prescribed an annual blood pressure check and adjustment of lifestyle. You must be active, exercise, nutrition should be balanced and complete, more fresh air, normal conditions, corresponding to the stress relaxation.

If the cause of such blood pressure are internal problems, naturally without the help of a cardiologist, neurologist and endocrinologist not do. You must put in order the heart, blood vessels, hormonal parameters, the kidneys.

But, if after normal values abruptly became a pressure of 100 over 60 and below, the person begins to lose consciousness, his health rapidly deteriorating, there is no time to think, time goes on minutes, an urgent need to call an ambulance to save his life. The fall in blood pressure below 80/50 or a sharp decrease in the upper or lower pressure more than 5-10 mm Hg is very dangerous, because the blood supply to vital organs is deteriorating, particularly strong may suffer the brain.

In any case, without the normalization and improvement of lifestyle is not enough. The doctor will prescribe vitamin complexes, physiotherapy (acupuncture, stimulating treatments). Likely to be prescribed stimulant medications – tincture of ginseng, Eleutherococcus, decoctions of herbs that increase blood pressure.

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