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Blood pressure 100/70

Blood pressure 100/70 most often is not the norm and requires treatment. But there are exceptions. For example, adolescents and athletes need not worry, if you see on the tonometer such a mark. For them it is normal pressure. However for other people it hypotension. This pathology significantly reduces the quality of life: patients have weakness, shortness of breath, headache and dizziness. If the pressure has dropped very sharply, a person may even lose consciousness. Therefore, you need to understand how dangerous this is. Pressure 100 to 70 can cause sudden fainting.

Low blood pressure is typical not only for the elderly but also for young people. Often it is purely physiological in nature, but not eliminated, and some illnesses. If they are, then you need to take medicines from low blood pressure. They must be prescribed by a doctor. If the pressure is 100 over 70, you need not doubt that the specialist will do everything possible to normalize it. No need to worry, it is better to trust the doctor and hope for the best.


Causes of blood pressure 100/70

At low pressure there are many causes. But most often physiological hypotension is due to a genetic predisposition of a person and are seen in people with no serious illnesses. Throughout life they will never experience any anxiety symptoms, their performance is good, they can carry out physical and mental labor. They do not interfere with low pressure. 100 70 is the normal rate for them. So they may not worry about their health.

Symptoms of blood pressure 100/70

Symptoms of blood pressure 100/70The doctors and therapists say that hypotension often occurs in people exposed to serious and chronic illnesses. These include hypothyroidism, autonomic neuropathy, hypofunction of the adrenal cortex and head injuries. In some cases, the pressure decreases significantly from the exhausted survivors of surgical intervention. In addition, often acute hypotension develops during the collapse, severe blood loss, heart attack, and after poisoning. In such cases, blood pressure 100/70 – alarming symptom.

The Influence of climate and weather on blood pressure

In some people, blood pressure drops when relocating to another city or country when there is a process of acclimatization. At this time the body gets used to the new conditions. Typically, the pressure drops when visiting the highlands and those of the States, where there is a hot climate. Should take this into account when moving. In addition, the low pressure can often occur in those who moves a lot or engaged in physical labor, and it’s not cause for concern. If a person feels good, he should not consult a doctor. Blood pressure 100 70 not responsible for him any danger.

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