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Blood pressure 100/80

If your blood pressure is 100 by 80 mm Hg.CT., it is one of the symptoms of diseases such as hypotension. At this pressure is observed, dizziness, drowsiness, fatigue. In some situations, having trouble breathing, you may receive a feeling of breathlessness or difficult to take a deep breath.

Reasons blood pressure 100/80

Such pressure may arise due to the mismatch between the diameter of the blood vessels and heart muscle. This is because the diameter of blood vessels in people suffering from hypotension, is large enough, as the heart must generate sufficient pressure. Predisposition to such low pressure in most cases has an innate character. That is why it cannot be prevented by using any preventive measures.

Methods and means for stabilizing blood pressure

  • Good effect have a bath for the feet, the water temperature should reach from 35 to 42 degrees. The duration of such procedures is 20 minutes. It is desirable to put on the soles of rosemary oil.
  • When you go to bed, put a pillow a little more than usual. It is necessary, that the head was slightly raised. It is not strange sounds, but very often the pressure of hypotension may be reduced at night, so this is a withdrawal of the sodium salt, and in the morning it is manifested in a significant pressure decrease. But if the head is slightly raised, then it will not be so sharply to happen.
  • Methods and means for stabilizing blood pressureGood positive effect renders rosemary, in addition, he is a very popular tool, if the pressure is 100 to 80. To use this remedy can be in any form.
  • you Can use a tool such as wine. To prepare the following recipe is best to use white wine as it is best extracts camphene. It is a biologically active substance contained in the rosemary. You need to take 0.75 liters of wine and add 20 g of leaves of rosemary. To wait for five days until the infusion is brewed and then taken regularly after meals twice a day.
  • If you have a pressure of 100 to 80, you can use the following recipe. Taken teaspoon chopped rosemary leaves and pour a glass of water. Next you need infuse for 10 minutes, strain and take 2-3 cups a day.
  • you can add Rosemary to the bath. Its action is directed on stimulation and relaxation, and blood pressure normalization.


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