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Blood pressure 100/90

About how increased lower pressure, can be judged by its combination with the upper or systolic pressure. It presents no special difficulties or problems. Their consistency also determines the rate pulse blood pressure, learn which when you subtract the lower blood pressure of the indicators upper. Normal pulse pressure is approximately forty millimeters of mercury. Increases when systolic blood pressure, pulse rising, and when the increased pressure of the lower falls. In any case in violation of some kind of pressure, you need to look for pathology in the organs of circulation.

Blood pressure 90-100 - symptoms, causes and treatmentIncreased bottom, for example, pressure 100 90 indicates that the pathology lies in the kidneys. Of course, all this is only General theoretical conclusions, in practice it’s more complicated. Because the impact on lower pressure comes from not only some of the kidney. Play a great role other systems and complex organs of the human body.

Blood pressure 90/100

When blood pressure is consistently higher than 140 over 90, increases the likelihood of complications of stroke, myocardial infarction. Pressure of 100 to 90 is the most extreme trait blood pressure. In turn, the indicator 90 to 105 speaks of primary arterial hypertension, 106 to 115 assumes a moderate degree of hypertension, and 115 – heavy. Malignant hypertension it is necessary to confirm the condition of the retinal vessels (veins dilate, the arteries with the same twists and narrow).

If your blood pressure is constantly increased by five millimeters of mercury, the risk of stroke increased by one third, and myocardial infarction by one-fifth. Of course, the more it increases, the more increases and risks.

The lower pressure is an incredibly important indicator of functioning of human organism, according to which a diagnosis of hypertension.


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