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Blood pressure 110/50

Upon receipt of the measurement result 110 over 50 blood pressure in patients of any age to ensure good blood pressure monitor, the correct blend cuffs and respecting the basic rules of measurement is at the heart of the patient and the vessel to which you are tonometry, at the same level (it is better to measure the pressure in the supine position).

If the patient has no opportunity to immediately use another monitor, you need to control the result immediately measure blood pressure on the opposite arm. In the case when the person measuring blood pressure, are there any complaints of malaise, weakness, dizziness – immediate advice of a qualified physician.


Norm and, accordingly, the lower limit of the pressure is considered to be indices of from 70 to 90. Now let’s understand, why the blood pressure is below 70 (as in our case, blood pressure is 110/50).

Blood pressure 110 over 50 – what to do?

When we’re talking about a low diastolic pressure, it is necessary to take into account the age of the person. For young patients, as well as those who, because of physiological characteristics is a hypotensive, blood pressure 110/60 or blood pressure 100/50, in principle, is the norm. These people accustomed to their under-pressure, it has practically no effect on their daily lives and health. By the way, almost everyone who in his youth was hypotension, with age become, as we say, in “normotensive”: blood pressure in them increases.

Our body is designed is unique in the sense that all the time “adjusted” to certain age-related conditions and blood pressure gradually to compensate for the blood flow in the heart muscle, renal arteries, brain…

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