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Blood pressure 110/60

Blood pressure 110 over 60 frequently encountered in adolescents and young adults and is hypotension. For example, for Teens and older youth pressure 110 /60 is normal, the result of not fully formed the endocrine system.

But low blood pressure is 110 over 60 is not dangerous like high blood pressure. Because low blood pressure the person may feel tired, with a headache, but irreparable harm to the body blood pressure 110/60 causes.

Hypertensive crisis is a life-threatening condition caused by a sharp rise in blood pressure and damage to the nervous system and target organs.


Blood pressure 110/60 – symptom Hypotension

You can take medication ginseng (ginseng normalizes blood pressure). But in view of the fact that Your blood vessels are already weaned from the normal pressure – they are not comfortable. At this pressure, impaired filtration of urine in the kidney and developed renal failure, to put it simply, the kidneys stop working.

Blood pressure for most healthy individuals ranges from 140/90 to 90/60 mm Hg. The top numbers in these fractions characterize systolic blood pressure (called upper blood pressure”). Health when blood pressure is 110 over 60 is not stable, with frequent headaches and fatigue.

The lower indicators determine the diastolic (“lower”) pressure, characterizing the state of vascular tone. Thus, the magnitude of blood pressure depends on the condition and of the heart, and blood vessels. The most common blood pressure level is 120/80-110/70 mm Hg. Such pressure occurs in 5-7% of individuals of both sexes aged 20-40 years, and pregnant more often (average of 12%). However, not all of them should be considered sick.

Unstable (subcompencirovanna) stage of the disease, in addition to lowering blood pressure, manifests and other symptoms. Effect of pregnancy on blood pressure is observed very often. It is expressed in varying degrees.

Blood pressure 110 over 60 – What to do?

Blood pressure 110 over 60 - What to do?

Blood pressure 110 over 60 – What to do?

But the measure without the aid of special devices is possible only the pressure in large arteries on the surface of the body in the arteries. Normal pressure is determined by the collection of a large number of parameters, and for each age, gender and for the individual, its performance can vary greatly.

It is important to find the cause of the increase in pressure and act on it. Simultaneously providing symptomatic treatment. I have all my life the pressure is low and this brings me, thank God, any unpleasant moments. Hypotension as an independent disease (it is also called neurocirculatory dystonia on hypotonic type) is a typical vascular neurosis.

Blood pressure can rise and fall several times in one day, and the normal pressure of a person is a purely individual concept. Likely to be prescribed a stimulant medication – tincture of ginseng, Siberian ginseng, decoction of the herbs that increase blood pressure. If the cause of such blood pressure are internal problems, of course without the help of a cardiologist, neurologist and endocrinologist will not do.

Blood pressure 110 over 60 during pregnancy

In pregnant women with arterial hypotension, as with other vascular disorders, often (in 25% of cases) develops preeclampsia (edema, proteinuria, increased blood pressure).

Showed a reverse effect: in women, long observe bed rest in connection with a threatened miscarriage, blood pressure steadily declines, apparently in connection with muscle hypodynamia. High blood pressure is familiar to everyone, someone hurts himself, someone suffering relatives or friends.

But low is a rare phenomenon and is more common among young people and a small number of older people. Such a diagnosis, hypotension, put in pressure below normal by 10-20 mm of mercury.St. Such pressure may persist throughout life. In these cases the necessary treatment is not, it is only important to further stimulate the body. Thus, it will be clear how often the patient is the pressure of 110 over 60, is whether it is below or above, in some cases, and after any activity.

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