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Blood pressure 110/80

Normal blood pressure of human is 120 over 80. But the ideal indicators are rare, and most often, the scanner produces only data close to these numbers. And if some people are quite rightly worried about the high values, the others begin to worry when their blood pressure is 110 over 80. Should I be concerned and see the doctor.

Blood Pressure 110/80 – What to do?

What is blood pressure? As blood is pumped into the vascular system at a certain pressure, and all the vessels have their own resistance, then this term is meant the conventional hydrodynamic pressure of blood in the vessels. Its performance depends on the work of the heart and vascular health, age, external factors, from heredity.

Doctors have long noticed that the pressure in the capillaries, veins and arteries (and it is in different vessels have very different performance), depends on the condition of the body.

When the heart (called systole) the blood pressure increases. And during cardiac muscle relaxation (diastole), on the contrary, decreases. So always when measuring blood pressure take two numbers: the upper bound and the lower.

Digital blood pressure norms

There is an excellent indicator of blood pressure — 120 over 80, which is recognized norm all physicians of the world. It is believed that it is the ideal healthy numbers. Not only people, but also many mammals have a systolic pressure of 120 mm Hg. The norm minimum (diastolic) is 80 mm Hg.


Blood pressure 110/80 — normal or not?

The Answer to this question is unequivocal — blood pressure 110 over 80 is considered functionally normal. Actually, doctors claim that plus or minus 20 mm in one direction or another when the top indicators of pressure do not play any role. It’s only features of the body. So if your systolic pressure ranges from 100 to 140 beats per minute is considered normal.

If the figures above 140 is the first bell that you develop hypertension. If, on the contrary, below the 100 — to hypotension.

Reasons for Blood pressure 110/80

Factors that influence blood pressure, several. Here are the main ones:

  • Heart’s Ability to contract with a certain force in order to implement a sufficient ejection of blood through the vessels.
  • Rheological properties of blood. Than it is thicker, the heavier and slower moving vessels. Diabetes or increased clotting significantly impede the flow of blood, they can provoke increased blood pressure.
  • Elasticity of blood vessels. The older a person gets, the more worn its vessels, and they are worse to cope with the usual workload. That is why hypertension develops most often in the elderly.
  • Atherosclerotic plaques that reduce the elasticity of blood vessels.
  • Nerve stress or hormonal changes, when there is a sharp contraction or expansion of blood vessels.
  • Diseases of the endocrine glands.


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