Blood pressure Blood Pressure 120/...

Blood pressure 120/100

It is believed that the upper figure of blood pressure, called systolic, is responsible for the functioning of the heart and the lower diastolic blood vessels or kidneys. Atherosclerosis, affecting the coronary arteries, causing angina and myocardial infarction.

Classification of hypertension by World Health Organization indicators lower blood pressure:

  • Hypertension type I – … over 99 mm
  • Hypertension type II – … over 109 mm
  • Hypertension type III – … over 110 mm and above.

Experts believe that the increase in bottom pressure associated with weight gain and loss of vascular tone. Pulse pressure represents the difference between the upper and lower rate is considered normal if its value is not lower than 45 units. Imbalance between the heart and the blood vessels should cause alarm. The convergence of the lower and upper index refers to a dangerous situation and requires continuous monitoring of the condition. This applies primarily to food, which should avoid fatty, salty and spicy food, tobacco and alcohol.


Blood pressure 120 over 100 – what to do?

Medical forums often raises the problem of what to do if blood pressure was 120 to 100, and whether it is dangerous to health.

Autonomic disorders can cause hypertensive crisis, which can occur with any deviations from the norm. The factors causing the hypertensive crisis:

  • stress;
  • climate change;
  • hormonal imbalances;
  • excessive use of alcoholic drinks, and strong tea, cocoa, coffee;
  • angina, stroke, heart attack;
  • kidney disease;
  • a break in the reception of hypotensive drugs.

Among the reasons there is a sudden increase in blood pressure level, which varies over a wide range. What to do if the pressure is 120 over 100, because this is a serious problem that causes legitimate concern. If there is a number of related symptoms, such as:

  • palpitations;
  • the emergence of chills, choking;
  • darkening of the eyes;
  • nausea, fever,

The risk of hypertensive crisis is large, despite the small testimony of the tonometer. It all depends on the individual characteristics of man and his original state.

In any case, when you see warning signs need to give up canned and smoked meals , spices, sweets, cakes, kidneys, liver, brain, jam, honey, sweets, cream and similar products.

In the initial stage of the disease the pressure can be normalized with proper diet and adherence to a day. Folk medicine recommends to drink carrot and beet juice, aloe Vera, cranberries, fruits of viburnum, strawberry, black currant, mountain ash, onion, garlic. Diet combined with use of herbal decoctions, tinctures, fresh air and calm life can work wonders. There are a huge number of tested recipes that have on the body effective impact, but in any case without the advice of a professional can not do.

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