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Blood pressure 120/60

Blood pressure 120 over 60 mm in good health may not be the norm. The difference between the upper and lower figure is more or less forty about the disease.

Thus reducing the diastolic pressure below 60 systolic 120 may signal a serious condition that requires medical intervention.


Symptoms of low blood pressure

Sometimes people simply do not feel of reducing vascular pressure and lead a usual lifestyle. Others have a sharp decrease in diastolic blood pressure for every 5 units.

Complain of frequent headaches in the back of the head or temples, drowsiness, lump in throat, irritability, feeling cold or a gentle numbness running throughout the body, sometimes a low diastolic pressure may be accompanied by dizziness, nausea, increased pulse rate, stars and the darkening of the eyes.

There may be complaints of the stomach. Such people are sensitive to weather changes, note the improvement of health in the second half of the day.

Causes of blood pressure 120/60

  • Heart Defects. More common in acquired heart diseases — aortic valve regurgitation, which is a complication of infectious myocarditis, acute rheumatic fever.
  • Atherosclerosis. Is the most common cause of an isolated reduction in diastolic pressure in the elderly.
  • Kidney Disease. The kidneys produce the hormone renin, which causes blood vessels to shrink. In this case, increased vascular tone suggests that the kidneys for some reason began to produce more hormone.
  • Thyroid Diseases that manifest increased function of the body (thyrotoxicosis).
  • At the beginning of reception of medicines. Many drugs can cause such side effect. In this case it is better to replace to another drug, reduce the dosage if possible.
  • May persist after suffering a heart attack. In this case, to increase its not worth it, it can bring harm, to endanger life.
  • in pregnant women. This decline is typical for the first half of pregnancy but is not a normal variant, as it impairs blood flow of the fetus.
  • Cancer.
  • Anaphylactic reaction in allergic diseases.
  • After intense physical exercise.
  • Maybe with heart disease, but there are cases when a healthy organism reacts to irregular physical activity: if a person goes to the gym rarely and trying one lesson to catch up on a few missed.
  • Often, people measure pressure 120 over 60 mm of mercury. the article erroneously in the wrong use of the mechanical tonometer – take into account rare short tones, incorrectly impose a cuff on the arm. To be credible it is necessary to measure through the day-second 2 more times.

Blood pressure 120/60 – dangerous or not?

For young people it is not always a danger and can recover on its own with age.

For those senile, old age, these figures are threat to the development of the following diseases:

  • As a result of low vascular (diastolic) pressure the blood stagnates, in response to which the heart begins to contract faster in order to pump the blood. This leads to increased systolic blood pressure and with huge speed increases the risk of angina (coronary heart disease).
  • Reduced diastolic pressure as well as hypertension increases the incidence of heart attacks and strokes.
  • In the elderly due to insufficient blood supply to the brain develops Alzheimer’s disease. In this disease people in the early have disorders of short-term memory, further violations occur long-term memory. Disease treatment is virtually impossible.

Treatment blood pressure 120 over 60

day Mode. Stick to the same regime every day, failures can be transported painful, with headaches, fatigue and nausea. Therefore it is better not to choose to work with daily shifts and night time.

To go to bed and get up in the morning preferably in a well ventilated room at the same time, duration of night sleep should average 8 hours. Noticeable effect can be achieved if to do morning exercises and massage.

Diet. Food should be varied and fresh. Mode: 3 main meals + 2 extra, in between eating should not exceed 3 hours.

It is desirable to include in the diet walnuts, butter, beans, rye bread, meat, sauerkraut, dark chocolate, spices and celery. You can afford to drink the occasional glass of natural red wine. Drink multivitamin preparations should be several times a year.

Water treatments. You can walk to the pool, Jacuzzi, well-normalizes low pressure circular shower. About contrast shower and there are differences, so I can’t recommend it. Prohibited hot baths.

Tinctures of herbs,, normalizing the pressure. Tincture of Eleutherococcus, ginseng root, Chinese Magnolia vine, decoction of elecampane. To drink 30-40 days.

These drugs normalize blood pressure, relieve symptoms of fatigue and exhaustion, improve appetite, sexual function, have a complex positive action in relation to vessels and heart.

Medicinal drugs are used and necessary, but only for treatment of the underlying disease, which led to lower diastolic blood pressure.

To improve only lower blood pressure no drugs is not available. We should never miss the decrease in diastolic blood pressure to 60.

When was the first case it is necessary to contact the specialist for clarification reasons. Usually drug treatment of the underlying disease resolves the issue. And the correct mode of the day, food, water treatments in any case health will only benefit.


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