Blood pressure Blood Pressure 120/...

Blood pressure 120/70

The normal blood pressure. Now in the world there is no elderly person who has not complained of pressure and it is now the most common disease among the elderly. But also now, this disease affects more and more young generation. Every time you visit the doctor, the first thing the doctor does is measure blood pressure. Why is he doing this? Thanks to this blood test, the doctor can determine the functioning of the human body and largely determines heart function and tone of blood vessels.

Normal blood pressure in humans – 120/70. In the vessels blood pressure, which is formed by the contraction of the cardiac muscle. And that pressure is called blood. 120/70 – what does that mean? The number 120 is the systolic pressure, which is generated at the moment when the heart muscle contracts and is pushing blood into the arteries and the less the heart muscle, the more blood ejected into the arteries. The number 70 is the diastolic pressure, which is generated at the time of cardiac muscle relaxation.


Blood pressure 120 over 70

It is considered that the ideal pressure should be within the following boundaries: upper minimum maximum 140 mm Hg, lower – not above 90 or below 60. Divided people on hypotonic and hypertension. Hypotensive patients – those who have blood pressure beyond the lower border of the norm. High blood pressure – on the contrary. This division is conditional, because what for one person is normal for another it is pathology. For example, if the average person blood pressure is 120/70, then increasing it by 10 mm Hg can occur hypertensive crisis. But for a conditional change of the pressure increase of 10 mm Hg will already be appreciated by specialists as the norm.

For each norm has its own, considered ideal figures 120/70-80 mm Hg.St. but they can fluctuate both in one and in the other direction. Blood pressure depends on the individual’s age, individual characteristics, even lifestyle. The older a person is, the higher can be his blood pressure. Normal blood pressure over, when it rises above marks 139/80 mm Hg and falls below numbers 100/60 mm. Hg.

What is Dangerous High Blood Pressure (Hypertension)?

When the heart works at a high speed increases the risk of heart attacks and strokes, affects the kidneys, the blood vessels of the retina.

That “jumped” pressure may include headache, tinnitus, dizziness, General weakness. Someone’s hands were shaking, others, on the contrary, numb. The main danger is that very often people just do not feel high blood pressure.

Dangerous of Low Blood Pressure:

The negative pressure also gives a person a lot of discomfort comes weak, my legs are trembling, hands are cold. Hypotensive not tolerate heat, forced immobility, can fall into a swoon.

If you suffer from low blood pressure, try not to ignore the morning exercises, play sports, go often on foot – a muscular load you need.

Remember that the pressure is not constant. Hypotensive with time can turn into hypertensive patients.

If you are over 40, to control blood pressure must. It is measured with a tonometer, but often this device is a grasping after the condition becomes critical – approaching a hypertensive crisis. Do not wait for problems, measure the pressure regularly (every day or several times a day), even if you feel well, you will avoid many health problems.

How to correctly measure blood pressure?

Below the figures was correct – before the pressure measurement do not smoke, do not drink coffee or tea (caffeinated drinks raise pressure). Before the procedure it is important to sit quietly for 5 minutes, without any sudden movements. For accurate results, measure the pressure alternately on both hands, the average value will be correct.

How to keep your blood pressure normal?

If you suffer from hypertension, you have to take special drugs, which will prescribe the doctor, and to limit consumption of salt and animal fats, to give up bad habits and learn philosophically relate to trouble. Cultivate in yourself the stress, do not worry for nothing, this will help keep the pressure normal.

Hypotensive very important long sleep, hardening of the body and walking in the fresh air.

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