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Blood pressure 130/100

Blood pressure is the pressure of blood in all the arteries of our body. As the arteries in the human body a sufficient amount, and hence the pressure in each of them different from each other, it was decided to measure the total or average pressure in the brachial artery, that is, near the elbow as it is held to the moment.


Blood pressure 130/100 – Norm or Pathology?

For an adult of 35 years, the norm is from 120/80 to 139/89 (normal blood pressure), that is, blood pressure 130 on 90 may not be a serious defect. If visible deviations do not immediately panic, because, in addition to health status on blood pressure of a person is influenced by more external factors. For example, for a person with normal arterialisation 120/80 blood pressure 130/100, that is, its a small increase, may be due to heavy physical or sporting activity. In hot weather it usually decreases by a few points, that’s fine.

Meaning of numbers when measuring blood pressure

Probably everyone knows that the first digit, or the upper pressure is the pressure of the heart, and the second or lower pressure of the kidneys. That is, blood pressure 130/100 means that 130 is the force with which the heart pushes blood into the vessels, and 90 is the pressure of blood fluid at the moment of maximum relaxation of the heart muscle. The excess level of the lower pressure of 80 divisions often indicates some disease of the kidneys.

Why blood pressure rises and falls?

Apart from the fact that blood pressure affects the heart and kidneys, as well as external irritants, particular attention should be paid to the fact that changes with age and normal pressure. If a young man will normal blood pressure: top 100-120 to lower 65-80, for a person aged 50 years was 135 over 90. Norms that were approved by the World Organization of Health say that the best or optimal blood pressure is 120/80, normal is 130/85, and here is elevated – 140/90. The latter figure indicates the presence of a first or mild stage of hypertension. That is, people who have pressure 130 90 must already think that it is time to visit the clinic for a routine inspection.

Symptoms of Hypertension

Let’s deal with the figures that were announced by the world Health Organization, because it presented no less interesting figures. Initially, it is worth saying that the hypertension is of three kinds – mild, moderate and severe. So, as an indication of the onset of the disease or the first stage of hypertension is the pressure is 140-159/90-99, that is, people who have pressure 130 to 110, not exactly relate to high blood pressure, but the fear should cause lower pressure, indicating the condition of the kidneys. In moderate hypertension, the pressure may oscillate at 160/100 – 179/109. In this case, you need drug treatment, as it threatens not only the transition of the disease in the last stage, but also more serious problems. Well, it is quite clear that severe hypertension is the correct diagnosis of those who have the pressure sometimes rises above the level of 180/110. In this case, access to specialists is a chance to save his life!

Signs of Hypotension

Hypotension is low blood pressure. Person 50 years of age, whose blood pressure is 130 to 100, for example, speak and hypotension just not worth it. A symptom of this disease is the pressure drop to 90 60. In this case, the person feels an overwhelming tiredness, drowsiness, tired quickly and may experience headaches. Naturally, in this case, you also need to see a specialist.

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