Blood pressure 130/...

Blood pressure 130/80

From blood pressure readings in General, depends on the health of the person. Blood pressure can vary during the day, or to be relatively stable.


Blood pressure 130/80

If you feel unwell examining the patient the doctor is likely to measure its pressure. With age, many people do at home is to measure its pressure, carefully watching their condition, especially if there are already problems with the cardiovascular system. But what do the numbers in blood pressure of 130/80 is a good thing or for health or bad?

Blood pressure shows how hard the blood presses on the vessels and with what force and frequency is reduced heart. Therefore, obtained when measuring pressure numbers can indicate the state of the heart, blood vessels and even blood. Thus, the development of hypertension is often associated with the deterioration of the elasticity of the vessel walls. The pressure change can result from frequent stress, because of which the vessels are sharply narrowed or expanded.

Normal blood pressure

In medicine uses the standard separation of indicators of pressure on the rate, above and below normal. If people measure their blood pressure and see what its result 130 over 80, it is easiest to look at the sign with figures and make conclusions for themselves.

It is considered that the normal pressure of an average healthy person ranges from “110 over 70” and “85 of 130”. Many remember the expression “pressure, like an astronaut”. It’s an ideal, characterized by indicators 120 on 80.

Blood pressure 130 over 80 – high pressure or not

These figures can be confusing, because they are clearly more ideal pressure of the astronaut. But if to look again at the scope of indicators in norm, the pressure is still considered normal, although referred to as “high normal blood pressure”.

The normal blood pressure is a relative term. Blood pressure change with age. For example, people aged 60 years and older 150-90 is the norm, whereas in young people, these figures indicate a significant increase in pressure.

You should also know that during pregnancy the pressure is reduced. Blood pressure 130/80 pregnant women in the early stages can be considered somewhat elevated. In the second half of pregnancy in women marked tendency to high blood pressure, so these figures are unlikely to confuse the doctor.

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