Blood pressure 140/…

Blood Pressure 140/90

High blood pressure is also known as hypertension. Blood pressure is the amount of force exerted against the walls of the arteries as blood flows through them.

Blood pressure is the measure of the force of blood pushing against blood vessel walls. The heart pumps blood into the arteries (blood vessels), which carry the blood throughout the body. High blood pressure is dangerous because it makes the heart work harder to pump blood out to the body and contributes to hardening of the arteries, or atherosclerosis, to stroke, kidney disease, and to the development of heart failure

If a person has high blood pressure it means that the walls of the arteries are receiving too much pressure repeatedly – the pressure needs to be chronically elevated for a diagnosis of hypertension to be confirmed.


Blood Pressure 140/90

Blood pressure 140/90 – this is the minimum figure, which when re-measurement is considered an arterial hypertension of the first degree, or such other borderline hypertension.

In a healthy organism, even in the most embarrassing situations, the pressure will never jump so high.

Blood pressure 140/90 and Blood pressure 140/80 is a variant of primary arterial hypertension, regardless of the fact that diastolic pressure is normal.

Called isolated systolic hypertension. More typical of the elderly, but in recent years the disease is recorded and in individuals younger than 30 years.

Causes of Hypertension:

  • Heredity. If immediate family (parents, brothers, sisters) suffered from hypertension, one of them died of a heart attack, stroke.
  • Constant load on the nervous system, chronic stress.
  • Smoking.
  • Improper diet.

Hypertension can be secondary, i.e., when kidney disease, the pathology of renal vascular, endocrine disease, coarctation of the aorta.

Causes of isolated systolic hypertension. Usually develops in people over the age of 45 years, usually after 60. This is more common in overweight women, diabetes.

Can be primary, i.e. on the background of full health, and secondary thyrotoxicosis, anemia, atherosclerosis of the aorta, aortic insufficiency, and the syndrome of malnutrition, fever, the disease beriberi.

Symptoms of blood pressure 140/90

Blood pressure 140 over 90 may increase periodically, and rarely, then more often and eventually becomes permanent.

A some people tolerate these figures and any complaints to deterioration of health did not show, others tolerate them extremely painful.

Complaints at elevated blood pressure:

  • Feeling Bad and foggy mind;
  • Pain and Heaviness in the head, cardiac pain;
  • Nausea;
  • Heat and redness in the face;
  • Nasal congestion in the ears;
  • Pulsation of the vessels of the head;
  • A feeling of “sand” in the eyes;
  • Easy paracrine consciousness.

Treatment of high blood pressure without medication

Treatment of hypertension if blood pressure is 140/90, you should start with therapy without medication, preferring physiotherapy, diet, herbal medicine.

Medical treatment is indicated in rare cases associated with chronic disease, General ill health, if the background of the ongoing non-pharmacological treatment after 4-6 months the pressure remains at the same level or began to rise to more significant digits.

Often, the implementation of all points of non-drug therapy is complete cure for high blood pressure.

Drug-free treatment:

  • Avoiding harmful habits such as Smoking and alcoholism. Smoking doubles the mortality. Alcohol is permitted rarely and in small doses, it is better to choose organic red wine or a fresh beer.
  • Diet. A big role in recovery plays exclusion/reduction of salt intake, reducing the amount of fluid intake. Obesity important weight reduction.
  • With this purpose it is expedient to remove from the diet of fats, sweets and flour. It is not recommended to soups to broths, to drink strong tea and coffee.
  • There are cases when the decrease in systolic blood pressure occurred in simply refraining from the use of salt.
  • Regular gentle exercise – walking, running, sports games, swimming, gymnastics, dancing.
  • Psychodelicate. Includes sessions with hypnosis therapist, relaxing massage, acupressure, acupuncture, yoga, relaxation, Spa treatment, trip to the sea.
  • Physiotherapy: electrosleep; electrophoresis of magnesia, papaverine, procaine, aminophylline, Dibazol; UHF-therapy; radon, oxygen, yellow turpentine and hydrogen sulfide baths; sauna.
  • Phytotherapy. You should take the courses that lasts a month renal and hypertensive fees with the content of Valerian, motherwort, black chokeberry, bilberry, lemon balm, viburnum. Grass it is possible to change, to alternate, to drink separately and combined.
  • Traditional methods. It is believed that the hypotensive effect of the juice from beets, carrots, aloe, berries of red bilberry, blueberry, cranberry, cowberry leaves, strawberries, currants, brew Kombucha, tinctures, and fruit drinks from the berries of viburnum, infusions of peony root, Valerian, clove, geranium, immortelle.

Treatment with traditional methods should be carried out within a few months.

Drugs for the treatment of Blood Pressure 140/90

The classic treatment of hypertension in the first degree is one drug, often in a minimal dosage.

In the treatment of isolated systolic arterial hypertension in elderly persons, preference is given to thiazide diuretic drug (indapamide, hydrochlorthiazide) if the treatment they are contraindicated or impossible for some reason, the choice is better to stop the calcium channel digidropiridinovmi series (justified arrhythmias, angina).

With the ineffectiveness of the use of one drug, the following combinations of the two:

  • Diuretics + betablocker,
  • Is a calcium Antagonist + diuretic/betablocker,
  • Alphablocker + betablocker.

Consider also what is dangerous high blood pressure:

  • Development of resistant hypertension.
  • With the unfair treatment of the disease becomes more severe stage which is more difficult to treat, have a chronic process.
  • In the transition of the disease to the second stage of developing the complications of one of the target organs.
  • High blood pressure in young people, people of working age leads to a decrease in health, libido, sexual function, inability to travel and relax, which significantly reduces the quality of life, make it defective.
  • People incline age isolated systolic hypertension has a high risk of heart attacks, strokes, arrhythmias, atherosclerosis, disorders of the blood vessels of retina and of lower extremities, kidney failure and other conditions that put human life at risk.
  • Found that the risk of stroke, angina and myocardial infarction is associated more with an increase in systolic pressure than diastolic.

To treat high blood pressure it is necessary. Systolic blood pressure 140 — this is a disease of the inner signal that warns that it is time to start to heal, eliminate bad habits (overeating, Smoking, alcohol consumption) and the right to organize a variety of lifestyles.

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