Blood pressure 150/…

Blood pressure 150/40

Blood pressure 150/40

High probability that the blood pressure monitor is not working properly, and the results of measuring BP 150/40 cannot be taken into account.

The results of measurement of blood pressure 150/40 can be a problem with the tonometer used to measure, or violation of its recommended techniques of blood pressure measurement.

To properly measure blood pressure you need to put the patient on a horizontal surface and to check the correctness of the overlay cuff on the arm (just above the projection of the artery), and a hands – on rules, the hand and heart of the patient at the time of measurement should be about the same level.

In that case, when a patient with a blood pressure 150 over 40 complains of weakness in the body, dizziness, tinnitus, should immediately call “Ambulance”, before the arrival of which the person to be laid and then lift a little leg over the bed (put under foot cushion or folded blanket).

Reviewed by the QSota Medical Advisory Board