Blood pressure Blood pressure 160/…

Blood pressure 160/120

Developing hypertension

The result of the measurement of blood pressure 160/120 the patient requires the use of systemic antihypertensive therapy – the choice of drugs and their dosage should be administered by a physician based on the results of examination of the patient.

If blood pressure is 160 over 120 holds the patient for a long time, it cannot be ignored, because it can be a symptom of early hypertension, and hypertension treatment at an early stage helps to avoid complications of the disease that appear with age.

For people in the age of 30-40 years and older blood pressure of 160/120 in a short period of time is not dangerous. To take medication to rapidly reduce blood pressure is not necessary, also there is no need of hospitalization, but if such blood pressure lasts a long time, you need to go body check in the hospital – it can be a symptom of developing hypertension.

Reviewed by the QSota Medical Advisory Board