Blood pressure 160/…

Blood Pressure 160/70

For young people lower – diastolic – pressure in the range of 90-70. Moreover, they arterial at a pressure of 100 to 70 can feel. With age, they reach the indicators 120 90 to the medical “Norm”.

Also the usual indicators fits any difference between the upper and lower pressure that does not exceed 60 units.

Causes of blood pressure 160/70

High blood pressure can be caused by many reasons. A serious disease often provoke pressure surges. If you have the following illness or you belong to a risk group, then visit the doctor on the subject of examination and treatment:

  • Predisposition to hypertensive disease;
  • Kidney disease;
  • Diseases of the heart and blood vessels;
  • Heredity;
  • Diabetes.

In those cases, when the pressure constantly rises and lingers on the marks, it is considered that the pressure is increased, as the blood presses with more than necessary force on the vessel walls, moving through the body.

If this border is considered an indicator 160 on 100. Any deviation is considered a dangerous condition. this is especially true of the lower pressure. Hypertensive everyone knows that top “down”, if it is elevated. But with low rates of the lower threshold of people get lost and sometimes don’t pay attention to alarming symptom.

Blood pressure 160 70: what to do?

If you feel unwell, call an ambulance, especially if the patient lives alone. Also called friends or neighbors. there is such a need, if the BP causes the following symptoms:

  • Dizziness;
  • Headache;
  • Nausea and vomiting;
  • Loss of consciousness

In case of loss of consciousness requires the presence of another person who will be able at least to open the door to the ambulance, and it’s better to bring into the consciousness of the patient and to bed. If the pressure is caused by emotional condition that is a common cause of hypertensive crises, it is first given a sedative. Even strong positive emotions can raise blood pressure.

In case of increase of arterial pressure up to 160 70 refuse at least at the time of the crisis, from coffee, cigarettes, alcohol, pickles and salt. If the patient in the medicine Cabinet there are medications that can lower blood pressure – give them, but with extreme caution. To a greater extent this applies to those cases where the patient have poor working kidneys, because the low diastolic pressure suggests that probably in the body disruptions in the kidneys. So, in this state man has been given the following medications:

  1. Sedative – Valerian, Motherwort. Ideally, take Glycine tablets under the tongue, which helps to stabilize and strengthen the nervous and vascular system.
  2. Drugs to normalize blood pressure and heart: Corvalolum, Barboval.
  3. And the diuretics are able to reduce the blood pressure. It can be banal and kidney teas and herbs. The main thing is to do it gradually.
  4. Antispasmodics, analgesics – Codicil, Ketanov, Spazgan. Ideally, the analgesic drink NoShpa – this will relieve the spasm and pain at the same time.

Otherwise, do not try to raise the lower the pressure, if the overall performance you have 160 to 70. Otherwise, attempt to tone the body sends a patient straight to hospital with a hypertensive crisis at best. When the patient’s condition returns to normal, it is better to reduce it to a doctor for examination.

If unable to stabilize blood pressure within an hour – called emergency doctors.

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