Blood pressure 160/…

Blood Pressure 160/80

Blood Pressure Rises to 160 to 80 does not, by itself, contribute to comorbidities and need to identify the medic. Most often, attention is focused on hypertension, when the patient is quite often observed high blood pressure. If to speak about the problem in more detail, the doctor after diagnosis can set the patient arterial hypertension.

After receiving such a high rate blood pressure people should not panic, it is better to measure on the other hand. In a hurry you can make mistakes.

The first digit of 160 — the value of systolic BP and 80 – diastolic BP. High is only the first number, systolic pressure. So we are talking about a special form of hypertension, called hypertension the isolated systolic type. This is a serious disease.

Causes of Blood Pressure 160/80

Blood pressure 160 80 are typical for people suffering from severe hypertension. But for this variety of the disease is suitable only for the upper value of blood pressure. Quite common cases where the value 160 reaches a certain, fairly short period of time, after which it will self-stabiliziruemost.

The cause of these phenomena may be different loads, e.g., sports or physical. Over time, this phenomenon can develop into more serious illness, which will have to fight with the help of medicines. In this case, only a doctor can prescribe specific drugs.

Blood Pressure 160 over 80 – what to do?

To reduce the pressure can massage. Main thing is to follow a specific sequence in the process of handling. You need to massage your upper back, collar area, and then go to the neck. Then move to the upper part of the chest, gradually moving to the back of the head. Pain points need to stretch, touching him with her fingertips.

Massage is contraindicated if:

  • Hypertensive crisis;
  • Severe forms of diabetes;
  • diseases that are associated with the development of tumors benign or malignant nature.

In Addition to these measures, reduce blood pressure can be through simple exercise, special wraps or baths for the feet. For this the cloth is impregnated with vinegar for 5 minutes it is placed on the soles of the feet.

To correct the problem shown taking a shower, but no hot water. It should be pouring on his head, but the tub use is prohibited.

The water should be heated to 37 degrees. Both hands dipped into a container of water. When the liquid starts to cool down, pour the hot water from the kettle. The procedure is carried out for 10 min Maximum water temperature could reach 42 degrees.

The patient should eat right, refusing fatty foods. It is better to eat meatless meals. From dairy products, suggest to use cheese, sour cream, which have a low percentage of fat.

Forbidden to use such products:

  • Strong coffee or tea;
  • Alcoholic beverages;
  • Cacao;
  • Baked goods;
  • Canned foods;
  • Various pickles;
  • Smoked sausage, meat, fat;
  • Meat and fatty fish;
  • Ice cream.

Prevention of Blood Pressure 160/80

What to do to top the pressure is not increased? To avoid deviations succeed, if you follow these rules:

  1. Completely abandon the use of alcoholic beverages or to take alcohol in limited quantities;
  2. Need to Sleep at least 7 hours per day;
  3. Not to use medicinal drugs without doctor appointments;
  4. To Give up bad habits.

Also, you need to limit salt intake. In the process of cooking is best to use a variety of herbs and aromatic spices, to flavor dishes good soy sauce. The food must be balanced. To prevent the increase of systolic blood pressure, should eat plenty of fresh fruits, greens, foods which contain a lot of potassium (dried apricots, onion).

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