Blood pressure Blood Pressure 50/…

Blood pressure 50/40

Hypotension or Low blood pressure affected by this disease mostly teenagers, young women and elderly people.

If you have a blood pressure does not exceed 105/65 mm Hg (or 100/60 mm Hg and below children until the age of 25 years), then it is safe to say that you have hypotension. i.e., reduced vascular tone. Pressure is considered normal if his figures correspond to the figures 120/80.

Blood pressure 50/40 – what to do?

Hypotensive upper (systolic) pressure is usually not more than 90-100 mm Hg and lower (diastolic) pressure can fall to 40-50 mm Hg. Such numbers usually occur in childhood in people with asthenic body build — tall and thin, characterized by paleness of the face. After any surge it’s harder for them to recuperate, they can experience weakness, for example, when a drastic change of position when getting out of bed, can not tolerate the heat, they are often swayed in transport.

With a blood pressure of 50 to 40 is better to make an appointment to see a doctor.


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