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Blood pressure 60/50

Low blood pressure is the pressure below 100/60 mm Hg.

The main symptoms of reduced pressure is drowsiness, weakness, dizziness. To improve it you can drink a Cup of strong tea or coffee. In case of preservation of the described complaints for several days due to low pressure, that is, by excluding other possible causes of the above symptoms, such as a change in the weather, cold, fatigue – it is necessary to consider treatment.

You need to understand that these same symptoms can develop in patients who have normalized the pressure such as 120/80 mm Hg, after long-existing numbers 170-180 mm Hg. In this case, You must understand that this condition is temporary and needs some time for adaptation of the cardiovascular system to new conditions. Unfortunately, many patients are afraid of these symptoms and believe that for them it is a low pressure, the result of stop taking the drugs, thereby condemning themselves to the development of complications of hypertension.


Blood pressure 60/50 – treatment

Dangerous is the systolic (“upper”) pressure below 60 mm Hg (e.g., arterial blood pressure of 60 to 50). At this pressure filtration of urine in the kidneys stops and can develop kidney failure, not to mention the reduction of oxygen to the brain and heart, in such cases must be caused by an ambulance.

In conclusion, we must say that especially for young women who do not have sufficient physical activity is very characteristic of low pressure. In such cases, the sports are very beneficial to this situation. In addition, you can use drugs containing Ginseng, they tone and are likely to normalize blood pressure.

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