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Blood pressure 80/50

Not quite clear a situation arises in the discussion of physiological blood pressure. Some experts say the strict regulations, which can be called the norm, others tend to establish broad individual figures of this indicator. In fact, and in another case have their pros and cons. The only thing we can say with clear confidence is about simple options the upper limit of normal. And the numbers are the lower limits of blood pressure of the individual: that what for some people is considered low blood pressure with poor health, for others it is an everyday normal variant.

Low blood pressure – state, accompanied by a fall in blood pressure below those numbers that occur in humans in normal condition. If we consider the specific numbers in this index under the official medicine, they are anything below 100/60 mm. Hg.St.. But here we must proceed not from standardized indicators, and to make exceptions due to the individual characteristics of the organism.

The physiological decrease in blood pressure. People who have dominated the influence of the parasympathetic nervous system, prone to hypotension, and thrive when the pressure is 80/50 or even lower. Increase these numbers to normal, from the point of view of physicians, the causes of such people is a violation of General condition.


Pathological decrease in blood pressure to 80/50 – true hypotension. Is a drop blood pressure below those which are usual for a particular person, and are accompanied by additional symptoms:

1. Lethargy, fatigue, General weakness and malaise.

2. The occipital headaches.

3. The feeling of lack of air, especially in areas with a large number of people.

4. Excessive sweating, fatigue and shortness of breath.

5. Dizziness, particularly when abrupt transition from supine to upright.

6. Nausea and vomiting.

Reasons of blood pressure 80/50

We all know that constant high pressure entails negative changes in many organs and can cause serious injury. Low blood pressure is also a very unpleasant phenomenon. Low blood pressure not all cases is a sign of health problems. There are cases of so-called physiological hypotension in which a person with low blood pressure feels good, has a high capacity and does not complain of health.

People with a pathological low blood pressure experience a large number of problems. There are cases, when the predisposition toward lower pressure is transmitted from parents to children suffering from this disease. Mostly it relates to women. As a rule, a tendency to under-pressure is noted from an early age. Such children have low mobility, lethargy and during the games, get tired faster than their peers. Adult hypotensive patients usually have high growth and low weight.

Who is suffering from low pressure? Often it is people who for a long time been subjected to severe stress mental and emotional nature. Also, the reason for the development of this phenomenon can serve as a long-term mental stress. Sedentary lifestyle and low physical activity also can trigger low blood pressure. Decrease in muscle activity leads to a deterioration of the functional state of the heart, a violation of protein and mineral metabolism, decrease pulmonary ventilation, and other unpleasant consequences.

Helps under-pressure and work in harmful conditions. Here you can reckon work underground, under high temperature and high humidity conditions. In addition, hypotension can provoke certain diseases of the Central nervous and cardiovascular systems, respiratory organs, adrenal glands and thyroid. A considerable number of hypotensive found among athletes. In this case, a low heart rate and low blood pressure are the protective reaction of the organism on a systematic physical exertion.

The body in that case moves to a more economical mode of operation. Experts call this hypotonia “hypotonia high training”.

Signs and symptoms of Low blood pressure

  • Basic unpleasant symptoms under reduced pressure provoked by impaired circulation in the vessels of the brain. You may feel a throbbing pain in the temples, sometimes in the occipital region. It is also likely the appearance and pain of other localization (heaviness in the temporal region and pain in the forehead). Often migrenepodobnykh pain, which manifests itself in one side of the head. Have constant pain, dull in nature, and in addition to them may appear vomiting or nausea.
  • Many people with low blood pressure have noted a significant deterioration of health during magnetic storms and weather changes.

Quite often (especially with a sharp rise from the bed) in hypotensive there is a darkening of the eyes and dizzy. In certain cases, there are even fainting, but such cases are rare.

Another frequent hypotensive symptom is fatigue or weakness. Efficiency in people with low pressure drops significantly at the end of the day.

  • there are complaints of confusion and memory impairment. In connection with the slowing of blood flow the vital activity of the organism decreases, resulting in hypotensive observed a tendency to depression, often they are emotionally unstable, irritable, prone to mood swings.
  • Due to reduced vascular tone appear some abnormalities in the heart, which can lead to pain in the region of the heart and behind the sternum. These feelings appear on a continuous basis and may be accompanied by palpitations that are not associated with nervous or physical exercise.
  • Hypotensive constantly feel shortness of breath (especially during exercise) and often yawn.
  • for people with low pressure are characterized by the numbness and cold feet and hands, they have a high sensitivity to cold and heat.

Blood pressure 80/50 – it is alarming?

Signs and symptoms of low blood pressurePhysiological hypotension in direct danger in itself does not carry. But during its long existence the body is so trying to raise the numbers of blood pressure to the standard that this leads to the development of hypertension at a relatively young age. But such transformation of hypotension in hypertension should undergo more than a dozen years. This reads one medical proverb: hypotensive in his youth – in old age hypertensive patients.

Pathological hypotension may be an alarm about the presence of a severe disease or normal autonomic nervous system dysfunction. In the first case we are talking about gastrointestinal bleeding, acute myocardial infarction, anaphylactic or other kind of shock, the decrease in the function of the adrenal glands and the thyroid gland (gipokortitsizm and hypothyroidism). At this low pressure is sometimes informative the only symptom of these diseases. In the case of vegetative reactions low blood pressure can lead to such conditions.

1. Sudden loss of consciousness with trauma to the soft tissues of the head.

2. Loss of memory and endurance of the brain to stress. Is caused by insufficient oxygenation (oxygen supply) of nerve cells amid slowing of blood flow at low pressure.

3. Violation of coordination of movements.

4. The decrease in visual acuity.

5. Interruptions in heart work and reduction of resistance to physical stress.

Thus, if the pressure reduction occurs secondary as a symptom of a disease, it is always very serious. It is impossible in such cases to delay the provision of medical care. In the case of initial hypotension, when there are no more signs of other diseases, it is likely that it is the result of vegetative-vascular (neurocirculatory) dystonia. To approach its correction must be strictly individually.

Low blood pressure during pregnancy

Considering this symptom in the context of pregnancy, can be divided two ways:

1. Pressure drop is the result of pregnancy. This is possible with an early toxicosis of the first half of the gestational period. Another option its reduction is associated with complications during pregnancy in threatening or incipient abortion with uterine bleeding. In other cases, the violation blood pressure in the direction of its increase.

2. Hypotension as a primary condition occurring prior to pregnancy and continued during the attack. In this case, the risk for the expectant mother. May suffer fetus, as the background hypotension slows down the rate of vascular blood flow, which will inevitably have a negative impact on the placental circulation of the child. There is a high risk of developing fetal hypoxia with all its consequences.

Treatment of Low blood pressure

Among the drugs that increase blood pressure there is no great abundance. The most common of these are Advil, caffeine, sodium benzoate, infusion of eleuterokokka and ginseng, Chinese Magnolia vine, drug pantocrine. Systematic technique helps to effectively increase blood pressure.

If you begin to note signs or symptoms of low pressure, first of all, you should contact a therapist. It will select for you the appropriate drugs and prescribe the necessary medical arrangements, taking into account all the evidence. The treatment for each patient should be individualized. Independent appointment any medicinal drugs can negatively affect the health and cause a range of negative consequences.

From time to time let yourself rest. In modern reality it can be rather hard, but the rest needed by the body to restore energy and strength.

Blood pressure 80 over 50 – what to do?

Most importantly – to exclude a dangerous disease. If you find that the hypotension is primary, manifesting disturbing symptoms, for safety to begin to implement the following recommendations.

Treatment of low blood pressure1. Sleep. we must strive to develop a daily routine, which will be assigned to sleep at least 8-9 hours a day. If there are violations of this process, it is necessary to seek the assistance of a therapist or medications.

2. After sleep is strictly forbidden to stand up abruptly in connection with the risk of collapse and loss of consciousness. Required easy warm-up in bed by bending and movements of the limbs, circular turns of the head, neck massage. Only then can a sitting position, which must be held for 1-2 minutes.

3. Water treatments and hardening. is Well suited douche with a gradual increase of the temperature difference. The procedure must end with cold water.

4. Sports and an active lifestyle.

5. Proper nutrition. the Main thing is not in its composition, and mode. Must be Breakfast, including any products and sweet coffee.

6. Morning exercise 7-10 minutes.

7. No need to measure pressure at “a hundred times” for the day. this will only get worse. If there are no symptoms – no need to look for them. This applies to psychotherapy components of treatment for any disease. Adequate assessment of the situation, corresponding to pressure measurements only when there are specific complaints that can help to properly assess the effectiveness of treatment.

8. Urgent action with a sharp drop in pressure to the critical numbers. you Need to put the man to lift his legs. The head should be slightly lower than the body. This will improve blood flow to the brain. Then, you should massage the neck in the region of the carotid arteries and apply a cold compress to his forehead. Usually these measures are sufficient to resume the prior level of pressure. If not – compulsory hospitalization to the nearest hospital to exclude serious diseases.

More tips for Blood pressure 80/50: At low pressure, it is recommended not spending all my free time on the couch, but more to be in motion. During exercise, the brain and other organs are better supplied with oxygen. People with low blood pressure better sleep after stress, therefore in the morning I feel more awake. Of course, the intensity and frequency of physical activity should first be discussed with the doctor. Eat hypotensive is easily, avoiding overeating. Overeating entails stress the digestive process and excessive power consumption.

It is also recommended not to skip meals, especially Breakfast. In any case can not be abused coffee, otherwise you can become dependent on this refreshing beverage. Two cups of coffee a day is a sufficient norm for many hypotensive. Many people with low blood pressure feel noticeably more alert after his NAP, so unless you have insomnia and you have free time, do not neglect it.

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